Tourist Sites in Estonia

Tourist Sites in Estonia
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Most of the popular visitor attractions in Estonia are located in the city of Tallinn, which is home to one of the best preserved medieval old quarters in Eastern Europe.Below, it's a mini-list of must-sees in Estonia:

Tallinn Old Town

The old town of Tallinn is definitely one of the most popular tourist sites in Estonia and one of the nicest places to In Estonia to enjoy a walking tour exploring the beautiful cobblestone roads and narrow streets such as the famous St Catherine’s passage.

The Old Town is also home to great tourist attractions such as the Estonian Open Air Museum, St. Olaf's church, and Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, which boasts a truly breathtaking interior complete with beautiful mosaics and stained-glass painted windows.
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Estonian Open Air Museum

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The Estonian Open Air Museum (also known as Rocca-al-Mare Open Air Museum) is without a doubt, one of the top tourist sites in Estonia as it is home to one of the best open air museums in Europe. The Estonian Open Air Museum is a beautiful reconstruction of a traditional Estonian village and features working farms, cute little shops and huts. The open air museum also offers splendid views of the Gulf of Finland.

Kumu Art Museum

Kumu Art Museum boasts Estonian art all the way from the 18th century to the 1990’s when Estonia’s declaration of independence was drafted. Kumu museum offers guided tours and also boasts an auditorium where talks, films, shows and concerts are held regularly.

If you’re really interested in Estonian culture you’ll find that Kumu museum is one of the best places in Tallinn to get an insight into Estonian mentality right through the Second World War.

Kadriorg Palace

Kadriorg Palace is located in Kadrioru Park, just a short walk from Kumu Museum, and it’s another of the tourist sites in Estonia that you wouldn’t want to miss for the photo opportunity! You’ll be able to take dozens of beautiful pictures of the palace's stunning fa├žade and the lovely gardens.

Besides taking pictures, you’ll be able to book an English-speaking guided tour of Kadriorg Palace to see its beautiful collections of Western European art and sculptures on display.

Riigikogu, Toompea Castle

If you’re looking to do more guided tours during your trip to Estonia, the Riigikogu is another interesting site to visit if you want to learn about Estonian politics. The tours of Riigikogu last around 30 minutes and are organized in various languages including English.

Saying this, if you aren’t interested in doing the tour you could simply walk around the grounds while taking pictures of the beautiful pastel-painted buildings and the medieval towers.


Tartu is a lively student town that it’s renowned for its rich German and Russian influences that translate today in landmarks such as St John’s church, the Town Hall, and Tartu Cathedral which was built by the Teutonic Knights in the Middle Ages.
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Most of Tartu Cathedral is ruins though some parts have been restored to accommodate the University of Tartu museum, which showcases old instruments used in science and medicine. While in Tartu, be sure to check out the statue of the Kissing Students which is one of the most iconic sights in Estonia.

Soomaa National Park, Viljandi County

Soomaa National Park is definitely one of the most beautiful national parks you can visit in Eastern Europe, and it's a great place to experience Estonia’s gorgeous outdoors. If you're looking to do side trips, Soomaa National Park is definitely worth the drive since the park isn't too far from Tallinn (around two hours drive), and Tartu (around one hour’s drive). 

Once there, you'll be able to walk along the wooden pathways while soaking in the beautiful bog-lands. Saying this, if you really want to get the best of the park it’s best to book a guided trip with “Soomaa” which offers organized walking and canoeing tours of Soomaa Park.

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