Belize top Tourist Sites

Belize top Tourist Sites
Top places to visit in Belize
Wondering what to see in Belize besides the Great Blue Hole?

Find below a list of other great attractions worth seeing in Belize:

Hol Chan Marine Reserve, San Pedro

Hol Chan Marine Reserve is one of the nicest places to go in Belize for snorkeling and diving trips.

Hol Chan reserve is teeming with beautiful marine life and the best bit is that you’ll get a chance to swim among all kinds of colorful fish, sharks and rays.

If you’re looking for day trips not far from San Pedro, you won’t find a better place to go to than Hol Chan reserve, which is located just a few miles from San Pedro.

Belize Zoo, Belize City

Belize Zoo is without a doubt, one of the best zoos in Central America and one of Belize top tourist attractions. Belize Zoo is an excellent place to see Belize’s native wildlife up-close without having to venture out too far.

The variety of animals on display is amazing and you’ll be able to do plenty of birdlife viewing from the bird viewing deck at the zoo. You’ll also be able to enjoy half-day canoe trips down the Siburn River, and night tours at the zoo.

Lamanai Archaeological Reserve, Orange Walk

Lamanai Archaeological Reserve is easily one of the best day trips you can do during your vacation in Belize, particularly if you’ve never been a Mayan site before. Lamanai ruins are located about two hours drive from Belize City, though you’ll have to arrange the excursion with a tour operator such as “Jungle River Tours” or “Fantasea Belize”.

Lamanai is nestled within a dense lush forest so, you can only get to the ruins by boat. As you ride along the river you feel like an adventurous explorer glimpsing at all kinds of wildlife such as crocs, birds and monkeys. Once you reach the ruins, you’ll be able to explore the grounds and climb the temples for amazing views of the jungle.

Barton Creek Cave, San Ignacio

Barton Creek Cave is one of Belize top tourist sites and an amazing natural attraction that can only be explored on a canoe. The guided tour canoe ride through Barton Creek cave is an amazing experience especially knowing that the Mayas used this cave for ritual purposes hundreds of years back.
In fact, besides seeing the beautiful rock formations you’ll also be able to come off the boat and wander around to see the skeletal remains and other artifacts that the Mayas left behind after the rituals.

Cahal Pech & Caracol Mayan ruins, San Ignacio

The Mayan ruins of Cahal Pech and Caracol are both located in San Ignacio and are two of Belize top tourist sites to visit.
Caracol ruins are the most secluded and hardest to get to but these ruins are easily the best Mayan ruins you can see in Belize because of their beautiful preservation. The Caracol ruins are a huge site so, you can easily spend 5-6 hours there exploring the grounds by yourself, and climbing on top of the Caana pyramid temple, which is the tallest pyramid in Belize.

Cahal Pech ruins are the nearest from San Ignacio (10 minutes drive) but they are a much smaller site. One good thing about Cahal Pech though is that it boasts a fantastic museum at the visitor’s center showcasing some of the artifacts found at this site.

Both of these ruins can be reached by car if you’re looking to do car rental, though you can easily book organized tours from San Ignacio with companies such as Pacz Tours.

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