Cities with the best downtowns

Cities such as Washington DC, Philadelphia, Seattle, Atlanta and Nashville boast some of the most vibrant and diverse downtowns in the country, and they also offer plenty of sightseeing opportunities and things to do.
Cities with the best downtowns
10 Most Beautiful Cities in the US
However, the larger downtowns in USA are bustling and have almost lost the old-time feel that you can experience in some of the smaller downtown cities in the US. In the following we've compiled some the best downtown areas in the smaller cities of the United States. In no particular order, they are as follows:


Annapolis downtown area boasts beautiful old brick pavements and some of the finest colonial buildings you’ll ever see anywhere in America. In fact, you’ll find that Annapolis boasts twice as many 17th-18th century buildings than any other city in the United States (see. Places to visit in Annapolis MD)
Most Beautiful Towns in the US
Annapolis historic downtown is truly a joy to explore by foot, particularly along Ego Alley, which is Annapolis beautiful waterfront. Besides taking pleasant strolls, you’ll be able to visit dozens of interesting places such as the Maritime Museum, the US Naval Academy, and Maryland State House among other attractions.

San Antonio

San Antonio is definitely one of the smaller cities with the best downtowns in the US because of its oozing historic feel, romance and charm. San Antonio's romantic atmosphere is more evident along the famous Antonio Riverwalk where you can enjoy lovely walks at night and scenic boat rides.
Places to visit in San Antonio TX
San Antonio’s downtown is also one of the most pedestrian-friendly cities in the US boasting charming sidewalks and old pathways where you can enjoy walking tours. Walking is certainly the best way to explore San Antonio's downtown and discover great attractions such as the Alamo, the Spanish Governor's Palace, and the historic village of “La Villita” which boasts cute little crafts shops.

Santa Barbara

Santa Barbara boasts easily one of the most beautiful and cultural downtowns in America boasting world-class shops, restaurants, historic sites, and of course, the beach. All of which is within a short walking distance of each other.
The Zoo, the beach, the sun, the trolley, and the County Courthouse aren’t the only attractions in Santa Barbara. There are also dozens upon dozens of art galleries such as Antique Alley, and Sullivan Goss where you can enrich your understanding of American art. (see. Places to visit in Santa Barbara CA)


Asheville boasts one of the most artistic and vibrant downtowns you’ll ever experience in a small city, and the great thing is that Asheville retains still its old-time character.
Most Historic Cities in the US
Asheville downtown is home to art places, street performers, charming coffee shops and clubs where you can wind down while listening to live music. There is also plenty of cool places to visit in Asheville such as visiting the Biltmore Estate, North Carolina Arboretum, and the Free Museum in the old jail and gallows.


Wilmington North Carolina is without a doubt, one of the smaller cities in the east coast
with the prettiest downtowns in the USA. Wilmington boasts a stunning mile-long downtown riverfront which is home to cafes, shops, bars, art galleries.
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The best bit about downtown Wilmington is the trolley service and horse-drawn carriage tours, which offer an fantastic opportunity to see Wilmington’s beautiful mansions and historic areas such as the Cotton Exchange and its lovely old brick sidewalks (see. Places to Visit in Wilmington NC)

Another great thing about downtown Wilmington is its close proximity to Kure Beach, which is an amazing place for a family beach vacation with kids.

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