Museums in Cuenca Ecuador

Looking for places worth visiting in Cuenca Ecuador?

Cuenca Ecuador is a fantastic pedestrian city to explore on foot and home to beautiful churches and other sights such as museums. Below, we’ve rounded up some of the must see museums in Cuenca Ecuador:

Museo de las Culturas Aborigenes

If you’re interested in the pre-Columbian history of Ecuador, the Indigenous Cultures Museum (Indigenous Cultures Museum) is one of the best museums you can visit in Cuenca to enrich your understanding on the indigenous cultures that inhabited this region.
Museums in Cuenca Ecuador
Things to do in Cuenca Ecuador
The museum houses thousands of artifacts on display going back as far as 10,000 years. The museum charges an admission fee of around $3 and it is located at 5-24 Calle Larga right next door to the Hostal Turista del Mundo.

Museo Remigio Crespo Toral

Museo Remigio Crespo Toral is another fantastic place where you can see more interesting artifacts on display.

The artifacts on display are mostly pre-Columbian which include lovely ceramic pieces and gold items, though there is a beautiful 19th-20th century coin collection, artworks and historic documents such as Cuenca’s declaration of Independence.

Museo Remigio Crespo Toral is located just up the road from Museo de las Culturas Aborigenes (right opposite Plazoleta de la Merced).

Museo de Arte Moderno

The Museo de Arte Moderno (Modern Art Museum) is one of the top museums in Ecuador and a must see for art buffs. This museum boasts various exhibition halls showcasing Andean art and master pieces by Ecuadorian artists such as Oswaldo Guayasamín and Enrique Tabara. The museum also features sculptures, photographs, paintings and etchings by Goya.

The Museo de Arte Moderno is located right opposite Plaza de San Sebastian (San Sebastian Square) near the “Tres de Noviembre” bus station.

Padedes Roldan Hat Museum

Padedes Roldan Hat is another of the top museums in Cuenca Ecuador located along Calle (street) Larga that you can’t miss passing by. This museum/shop is a great place to see and learn about the famous “Panama Hats” (locally known as Toquilla Hats).

The owners allow visitors to tour their workshop for free to observe how these beautiful hats are made into their distinctive shape.

Ruinas de Pumapungo

Ruinas de Pumapungo (Pumapungo Ruins) are part of the Museo del Banco Central complex and they’re a UNESCO Historic Site. The Pumapungo Inca ruins are easily one of the most beautiful places in Cuenca and the stunning grounds surrounding it are home to hundreds of beautiful plants and wildlife.
As you walk this gorgeous site you’ll get to see underground tunnels, irrigation canals, cobblestone roads, dwellings, and even a ritual bath used by the Incas to purify their bodies. There is also an archeological museum within the site displaying many of the artifacts excavated at the ruins.

Artes Populares de America (CIDAP)

The Artes Populares de America (Popular Arts of Latin America) is another of the sights in Cuenca Ecuador that you have to add to your itinerary.

The center is free admission and it’s located opposite the Museum de las Culturas Aborigenes. It houses an amazing collection of colorful handmade textiles some which are still made using the Ikat technique. Ikat is an ancient weaving technique which is still used in Ecuador and in many parts of Indonesia. The center also showcases many other decorative arts such as ceramics and paintings that are up for sale.

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