Cheap places to go for Backpackers

When it comes to backpacking around the world, Thailand has to be the ‘numero uno’ destination in Southeast Asia for anyone traveling abroad, particularly backpackers. Thailand’s popularity among the backpacker community isn't surprising since Thailand is cheap, exotic, and offers something for everyone.
Cheap places to go for Backpackers

If you’re a backpacker that loves to party and pamper yourself, you’ll want to head to Patong Beach or Haad Rin Beach for the Full Moon Party, which is one of the most famous beach parties in Asia. Thai massage parlors are also some of the cheap places to go for backpackers in Thailand since for as little as a few bucks you can get that million dollar feeling!

If you are the outdoors type backpacker who wants to mingle with locals and discover nature, you’ll fall in love with Thailand’s glorious forests, beaches, festivals, and food markets such as the Songkran festival (April) and Chiang Mai’s weekend markets.

By the way, Thai people also love their elephants, and the elephant conservation parks in Chiang Mai offer a fantastic opportunity to hit the outdoors while getting to know these beautiful creatures up-close.

Southeast Europe

There is no doubt that when backpacking around the world, Europe is one of the most popular destinations for backpackers because of places such as Amsterdam and Rome, which boast some of the coolest sites in Europe. However, as most travelers will tell you Southeast Europe is the last frontier for backpacking in Europe, why?

Southeast Europe is cheapest region at the moment and it's a fantastic region to explore on a shoestring. Also, Southeast Europe is home to some of the prettiest scenery and sights such as the spectacular fortresses town in Maglic Serbia, which is one of the best unknown cities in Europe.

You’ll find plenty of good and affordable hostels in Southeast Europe in places such as Slovenia and Bosnia, which contrary to what you might have heard in the news it isn’t a battleground with tanks and burning wreckage. There are, of course, reminders of the past war but Sarajevo and Mostar in Bosnia are some of the most welcoming, multicultural and beautiful places you can visit in Europe.


Malaysia is close second with Thailand for the title of cheap places to go for backpackers in Asia, even though Malaysia may not be as cheap as Thailand. However, Malaysia serves as an ideal stop-over point for trips to other Southeast Asian places such as Singapore, Indonesia and even the Philippines.

Besides its great location, Malaysia is such a marvelous destination for backpackers because of East Malaysia (Malaysian Borneo), which is home to memorable beaches such as Perhentian Kecil and South Beach; and stunning national parks such as Gunung Mulu and Kinabalu where you can enjoy plenty of trekking excursions.

Kuala Lumpur's many attractions are also a heaven for backpackers and the best thing of KL is its large community of expats and cheap areas to stay such as Petaling Street in Chinatown where a few bucks there gets you a long way.


Australia is, no doubt, a backpackers’ delight and one hell of a destination for anyone that’s into serious adventurous traveling. If you want to feel like a explorer, the Northern Territory and Tasmania will have you sorted, particularly the island of Tasmania, which boasts some of the most dramatic scenery and wildlife anywhere in the world.

The national parks of Uluru and Kakadu in the Northern Territory are great places to explore because of the really spectacular rock formations such as Ayers Rock (located in Australia’s famous Red Centre), which is one of the most iconic natural formations of Australia.

Then, you have Australia’s lively cities such as Perth (Western Australia), Cairns (Queensland), Sydney (New South Wales), and Adelaide (South Australia) which are home to some of the most popular backpackers’ destinations such as Bondi Beach, Byron Bay, Cairns Esplanade, Surfers’ Paradise, and the Whitsundays.

All of these destinations are home to many hostels, great nightlife, and plenty of opportunities for beach camping, four-wheel driving, whale watching, surfing and, of course, scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef.

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