Family Vacation Spots in Louisiana

Wondering where people go on vacation in Louisiana?
Family Vacation Spots in Louisiana

The South Toledo Bend Lake Area is no doubt, one of the most popular destinations in Louisiana for a fun lake-side vacation. Along South Toledo Bend lake, you’ll find plenty of accommodation options, marinas, boat rental sites, boat launches, and scuba diving sites.

South Toledo Bend Lake Area

One of the most popular areas in  Toledo Bend Lake Area is Toledo Bend Reservoir (located about 2 hours drive by car from Alexandria).

Toledo Bend Reservoir is definitely one of the most popular family vacation spots in Louisiana because of its location next door to South Toledo Bend state park. The state park has about more than a dozen cabins, tent areas and lots of sites for tenting and RV camping, as well as a fishing pier, playing areas for kids, a boat launch, and a beach area.

Not far from South Toledo Bend state park, you’ll also find a couple of resorts - Toledo Bend Resort and Bass Haven Resort, as well as Pleasure Point Park-SRA, which is located a little further up from Toledo Bend dam. Pleasure Point is much smaller than South Toledo Bend state park but it’s a more secluded spot. It has amenities such as playground for kids, a beach area, picnic and grill areas, as well as spots for tenting or RV camping.

North Toledo Bend State Park

North Toledo Bend State Park is another popular vacation spot within the South Toledo Bend Lake Area to vacation with the family. If you’re traveling from the north of Louisiana, the city Shreveport LA is just about a 2-hour drive by car. North Toledo state park has similar amenities to South Toledo Bend state park, though North Toledo has an Olympic size swimming pool, a bigger boat launching area, a laundry, canoes and boats for hire.

There are definitely lots more places in South Toledo Bend Lake Area where you can stay such as Twin Island Campground, Cypress Bend Resort, and Shoreline Lake House (along Shoreline Drive). There are also more boat landing sites along the lake like Kite's Landing (off Kites Landing Road), and Esto Landing (off Esto Road).

Grand Isle, South Louisiana

Grand Isle is located in southern Louisiana and it’s one of the nicest places along the coast of Louisiana where you can enjoy the beach since much of the coastline of Louisiana is marshy swamplands.

Grand Isle is a nice place for a beach family vacation, though "some" critics would tell you that Grand Isle doesn't compare to other areas of the Gulf Coast. Regardless what the critics may say, Grand Isle is a fine beach vacation spot to consider especially if you're a fan of seafood (Grand Isle has the best boiled crabs!) for fishing and crabbing). Grand Isle also has lots of accommodation options like vacation rentals, and the best bit, you’re only about 2 hours drive south of New Orleans and Jean Lafitte Preserve where you can take swamp tour to see some gators.

Cameron Parish

Cameron Parish (southwestern corner of Louisiana) is without a doubt, one of the most popular family vacation spots in Louisiana. Out of all the vacation places in Cameron Parish, Holly Beach is easily the most popular because of its location on the Gulf Coast. Saying this, it has to be said that Holly Beach hasn’t really been the same after the devastation of the hurricane in 2005.

Still, you'll find in Holly Beach (Cajun Riviera) cabin rentals and RV parks like Tides Inn RV Resort. Also, you're allowed to do beach camping anywhere on the beach, though there aren’t any camp facilities. It's also worth mentioning that you’ll find more cabins a little further west of Holly Beach in Johnson Bayou, and more RV parks in nearby Cameron (Cameron Motel & RV Park), and Hackberry (Island RV Park).

Lake Charles Area

The area around Lake Charles in Sulphur (about 60 minutes drive north of Holly Beach) has even more RV camping spots such as A+ Motel & RV Park, Hidden Ponds RV Park, and Choupique RV Park.

Sam Houston Jones state park is another spot located within the Lake Charles area and it’s also a cool place to for a family vacation. The park has about 8 cabins, lots of camping areas with hook-ups, and boat rentals.

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