Places to go for a Skiing Vacation in Canada

Whistler Mountain is certainly the most popular destination for a skiing vacation in Canada, though it isn't surprising since Whistler Mountain is home to Whistler Blackcomb ski resort, which is the largest ski resort in Canada boasting the highest vertical drop in North America!
Places to go for a Skiing Vacation in Canada

Whistler is definitely a cool place to ski, though you need “deep pockets” if you want to go there for a ski vacation. You may be wondering, where else to go besides Whistler? Well, here it’s some ideas:

Banff National Park, Alberta

Banff national park is located right in the heart of the Canadian Rockies and it’s, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most scenic places to go for a skiing vacation in Canada. Banff national park boasts stunning scenery as well as many ski areas such as Lake Louise Mountain Resort, which is one of the best ski resorts in Canada.

Lake Louise Mountain Resort has some of the best ski facilities in North America, and it’s easily the most popular ski resort in Alberta because of its many (over 100) ski runs suitable for all-levels of skiing (including cross-country skiing).

Probably the best bit about skiing in Lake Louise is riding the gondola to the top of Lake Louise Mountain, which is real joy in the summer. In fact, between the months May and October you can enjoy cool sightings of grizzly bears onboard the  Lake Louise gondola.

Lake Louise ski resort is about 45 minutes drive by car from the town of Banff so it isn't too far. However, if you’re looking for ski areas nearby the town of Baff, it's best you head to either Tunnel Mountain Resort, Banff Rocky Mountain Resort, or Mt Norquay ski resort (all of which are within the outskirts of Banff).

Mt Norquay ski resort is another ski resort in Banff national park worth considering if you’re just starting out to ski, or are traveling with the family since Mt Norquay offers ski lessons for both adults and juniors.

Laurentian Mountains, Quebec

The Laurentian Mountains is probably one of the most underrated places to go for a skiing vacation in Canada mainly because the Laurentian don't boast the huge peaks the Rockies do. However, if you aren’t looking to splash out on an expensive ski vacation, the Laurentian Mountains is an excellent bet. There are about a dozen ski resorts, ski hills and trails where you can enjoy cross-country and downhill skiing.

Popular places for cross-country skiing are Parc national du Mont-Tremblant, P'tit Train du Nord, and Parc national d'Oka (which is about 45 minutes drive by car from Montreal). P'tit Train du Nord is located nearby Mont Tremblant Resort, while Parc national du Mont-Tremblant is located a bit further up from Mont Tremblant Resort (about 90 minutes drive).

Purcell Mountains, British Columbia

The Purcells are also part of the beautiful Canadian Rockies and are located in the southern end of British Columbia. The Purcells are most certainly one of the top places to go for a skiing vacation in Canada, especially if you’re an expert backcountry skier (the Purcells boast miles of trackless terrain).
Another reason why you would want to consider the Purcell Mountains for ski vacation is for the opportunity of doing heli-skiing and heli-boarding. One good spot for heli and backcountry skiing is the Kicking Horse mountain resort (in the town of Golden), which boasts a couple heli-skiing operations.

Kicking Horse mountain resort is a good all-round ski resort for anyone starting out to ski, advanced skiers, and families with kids since the resort has a good a ski learning school.

A couple more ski areas in the Purcells worth considering are Panorama Mountain Village (half-hour drive west of Invermere), and Kimberley Alpine Resort. Panorama ski resort is a good place to be because it offers beautiful views of the Rockies and has a Nordic centre with over 10 miles of trails.

Saying this, Kimberley Alpine Resort does offer night skiing and it’s home to the renowned “North Star Racers Society”, which offers fun ski programs for kids and teens.

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