Things to do for fun in Oklahoma while on vacation

Oklahoma City is definitely the most popular tourist destination in the state of Oklahoma for things to do, though your adventure in the Sooner State doesn't have to end there!
Things to do for fun in Oklahoma while on vacation

Below you have a list of things to do for fun in Oklahoma while on vacation:

Attend a rodeo event

Rodeo competitions are a big thing in Oklahoma and experiencing a rodeo show is definitely one of the most exciting things you can do in Oklahoma for fun.

Saying this, if you really want to get a thrilling experience at a rodeo show it’s best you attend one of the major rodeo events such as the International Finals Rodeo in Oklahoma City (Jan 13-15), the Better Barrel Races World Finals (April 27- May 1), the Will Rogers Memorial Rodeo in Vinita (August 22-25), or the Woodward Elks Rodeo (July 18-21).

Explore Oklahoma’s wildlife

No vacation in Oklahoma would be complete without hitting the great outdoors to experience Oklahoma’s stunning scenery and beautiful wildlife. Oklahoma is one of the best places in the United States to see buffalo and thanks to places such as the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge (in Lawton) you can see them roaming freely.

Besides buffalo, you can do a lot of bird watching and spot the famous bald eagle, which migrates to Oklahoma between November and February. During these months, places such as the Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Sulphur, Keystone State Park in Tulsa, Black Mesa State Park in Boise City, and Sequoyah National Wildlife Refuge in Vian are some of the best spots in Oklahoma for watching bald eagles.

Mingle with the cowboys

One of the coolest things to do for fun in Oklahoma while on vacation is visiting a working ranch and spending time with cowboys. Guest ranches in Oklahoma offer a nice opportunity to get a taste of the Old West and learn the cowboy traditions while enjoying fun activities such as horseback riding, fishing, hunting and storytelling by a campfire.

Most of the guest ranches in Oklahoma (i.e. Spring Valley Ranch, Croton Creek Guest Ranch and Island Guest Ranch) are working farms which means you also get a chance to drive the cattle, brand the cattle and even ride the cattle. Another cool thing about going to a guest ranch is that whether you spend a couple of days or a entire vacation there, you'll get a taste of the cowboy lifestyle.

Thrill seeking pursuits

If you’re an adrenaline junky, one of the coolest things to do for fun in Oklahoma City while on vacation is extreme sports. Oklahoma is a great place to enjoy heart-pumping pursuits such as off-roading, sky diving, rafting and even hand-gliding.

There are a few places in Oklahoma where you can ride a buggy or book quad tours, they include Little Sahara State Park (south of Waynoka), Quartz Mountain Nature Park, and Beaver Dunes State Park (north of Beaver). If you want to rent buggies and other ATV’s, check out companies such as “Little Sahara Tours & Rentals”, “Waynoka Sand Dune Rentals”, and “Stewart's Buggy Shop & ATV Rental”.

As far as sky diving and rafting, you can do that at the Oklahoma Sky Diving Center in Cushing and River Parks in Tulsa. River Parks has a rapids section along the west bank of the Arkansas River.

Drive through Oklahoma

Driving is definitely one of the best ways to explore Oklahoma and taking a road trip during your vacation would be one of the most rewarding things you can do while in Oklahoma.

The drive along State Highway 49 between Medicine Park and Great Plains state park is easily one of the nicest drives you can take in Oklahoma since the route runs through the beautiful Wichita Mountains. Another highlight along this trip is that you get to drive through the summit of Mount Scott, which is one of the best vantage points for views of the region.

The famous US Route 66 is without a doubt, another popular route to take on a road trip since you get to drive through Route 66 Sidewalk Highway, which is the original section of the route.

By the way, driving isn’t the only way to take in Oklahoma’s picturesque landscapes. Hopping on a motorbike is a great way to go about exploring Oklahoma and what better way to do it than riding along on a Harley? You can rent a Harley-Davison from companies such as “American Motor Rental” (OKC) and “Eagle Rider” (Tulsa).

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