Most Underrated Elevator Rides in the World

Besides the Burj Khalifa (Dubai), Rockefeller Center (NYC) and Taipei 101 (Taiwan) where else can you go in the world for an awesome elevator ride?
Most Underrated Elevator Rides in the World

Here it’s some of them:

Montegalletto Elevator, Genova

Montegalletto elevator (ascensore in Italian) is located in the Italian city of Genoa and it’s without a question, one of the most underrated elevator rides in the world. You won’t find anywhere a lift that travels horizontally and vertically like Montegalletto elevator can.

Montegalletto elevator is actually a very convenient way for locals to get around, though as a tourist, you’ll love riding the Montegalletto elevator to visit places such as Albertis Castle (Castello d'Albertis), which is home to the Museo delle Culture del Mondo.

To get to Albertis Castle on the elevator, head the "Montegalletto elevator station" on Via Balbi, which is just yards away from Hotel Vittoria Genoa. Once at the station, you can buy inexpensive single tickets for just a couple of euros.

Sky Tower, New Zealand

The Sky Tower is Auckland’s #1 tourist attraction and rightly so since the Sky Tower is one of the best ways to see Auckland in its entire splendor. The elevator ride costs $25 and the ride to the top takes under a minute (40 seconds to be exact). Once at the top of the Sky Tower, you get to walk around the glass floor sections and watch the bungee jumpers.

In fact, why not go for a jump yourself? One of the things that make the Sky Tower such a cool attraction to visit is that it’s also a bungy site for base jumping. If you want to experience an adrenaline rush while in Auckland , the jump from the tower is one of the most awesome things you can do in the city, especially since you get to ground in none other than the Sky City Plaza.

Santa Justa Lift, Portugal

At over one hundred years old, the Santa Justa Lift (Elevador de Santa Justa) is one of the oldest elevators in the world. Santa Justa is located in the city of Lisbon and the elevator ride takes around 60 seconds from ground to top. The lift ride costs roughly 5 Euros (around $7), though you’re truly rewarded with some of the most breathtaking views of Lisbon.

The Santa Justa Lift also offers quick access to the beautiful square of Largo de Carmo, which is home to a cool archeological museum inside Carmo Church. By the way, it's worth noting that this attraction is free admission if you’re using the Lisbon Card pass.

Bailong Elevator, China

Bailong Elevator is located in Zhangjiajie Park and it’s not only one of the most underrated elevator rides in the world but it's also one of the most mind-boggling elevator constructions (the Bailong elevator is built onto the side of a 1,000 ft high cliff).

Besides boasting one of the most daring elevator locations, Bailong elevator is made out entirely of glass and it’s completely exposed, which means you get unforgettable "scary" views along the way. A ride on the Bailong elevator costs $18, which translates roughly into 112 Chinese Yuan.

While in  Zhangjiajie Park, be sure to take a cable car ride on either the Tianzi Mountain cable car or Huangshizhai Cable Car to enjoy the jaw-dropping views of the park’s huge columns and gorgeous forests.

The glass elevator at Iguassu Falls, Brazil/Argentina border

The Iguassu Falls is one of the biggest tourist attractions in South America, yet the Iguassu Falls elevator is one of the most underrated elevator rides in the world.

The elevator may not take you to the highest point on earth but it does take you to the top of one of the world’s greatest natural attractions -Iguassu Falls. The elevator ride offers some nice views along the way, though the upper deck you'll experience the most dramatic panoramic views of the falls. Also, the upper deck allows you to be so close to the falls that you can almost touch them with your fingertips!

Umeda Sky Building elevator, Osaka

Buildings such as the Yokohama Landmark Tower (972 ft) and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building (797 ft) are definitely two of the most famous tourist attractions in Japan. Having said this, the Umeda Sky Building in Osaka is easily one of the most underrated elevator rides in Japan.

The glass elevator ride to the top is smooth and the observation deck offers some of the best views of Osaka! Another cool thing about the elevator ride to the top deck of the Umeda building is that you also get to walk-up a long escalator, which offers even more stunning views.

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