Things to See in Southern Spain as a tourist

Granada's majestic Alhambra in Andalucia is no doubt, the most visited tourist spot in the South of Spain but what else is there to be seen besides it? Quite a lot actually!
Things to See in Southern Spain as a tourist

I've lined up a mini-list highlighting some of the top places in southern Spain every tourist should add to their itinerary:

Cathedral/Mosque (Mezquita) of Cordoba

Spain has its fair share of cathedrals and beautiful landmarks but, in all honesty, none are more majestic than the Cathedral/Mosque of Cordoba. This awe-inspiring cathedral is definitely one of the things to see in southern Spain as a tourist without fail because it truly represents one of the best hybrids of Moorish and western architecture you’ll see anywhere in Europe.

Entry to the cathedral costs around 10 Euros but if you go early in the day (between 8 and 10am) you can get in for free. Whenever you plan to go make sure you visit the Mezquita of Cordoba before you leave Spain!

Royal Alcazar of Seville

The Royal Alcazar of Seville (El Real Alcázar de Sevilla) is one of many royal palaces you can visit in Spain but what makes the Alcazar stand out above the other royal palaces across the country is that it’s the oldest working palace in the country. The Alcazar also boasts many Moorish influences that can be appreciated in the detailed of the palace's domed ceilings and columns.

Another reason that warrants a visit to the Alcazar are the gorgeous royal gardens that you can wander off along and get immersed into.

Balcon de Europa, Nerja

The Balcon de Europe, which literary translated means “Europe’s Balcony”, offers some of the most amazing views you can get of the Mediterranean Sea.

There’s simply no other vantage point in southern Spain that boasts a grand and stunning location than the Balcon de Europa, which is located right on the heart of the charming beach town of Nerja. Besides enjoying some gorgeous views from the top of Balcon de Europa, you’ll be able to catch live music and tango dancing while enjoying a fine glass of cava!

By the way, if you’re visiting Nerja in the summer don’t miss passing by the Nerja caverns to catch one of the many concerts and ballets held inside the caves…truly magical!

Old Quarter of Marbella

Marbella is the most glamorous and glitzy beach town in southern Spain and a fantastic spot to soak in the famous jet-set lifestyle Marbella is known for. Of course, while enjoying a party or two in Marbella is a must, you wouldn't neither want to miss exploring Marbella’s old town (Casco Antiguo).

The old quarter of Marbella is truly romantic and it’s a fantastic place to people watch and get to know the real Marbella many tourists don’t get to experience. The narrow alleys, winding cobblestone streets, small boutiques, coffee shops and tapas bars make Marbella’s old town a joy to walk on foot.

The Alcazaba in Malaga

While the south of Spain is most popularly known for its cathedrals and palaces, when visiting Spain you cannot miss visiting a military fortress. And, what better place to see one than in Malaga? The Alcazaba is located not far from the Port of Malaga and it is a prime example of a Moorish medieval fortification built in the mid-eleventh century.

Even though the Alcazaba fort is somewhat eroded, you won't be able to help feeling awe-inspired seeing such an old landmark still standing gracefully. However, it's the views from the top of  the Alcazaba that makes this sight one of the must things to see in southern Spain as a tourist...and since admission fee is just a couple of euros, you really can't miss it!

Paloma Park, Benalmadena

Paloma Park (Parque De La Paloma) is one of the largest and most stunning parks you can go to in southern Spain and the best thing of all is that it’s not far at all from Malaga (just 20 minutes drive).

Paloma Park is definitely, a nice park to chill out and enjoy a picnic but what makes this place really especial are the peacocks, rabbits and even chickens roaming freely in the park. The park also boasts a beautiful prickly cactus garden area and an auditorium where free live concerts are played during the summer months. Of course, I couldn't forget mentioning the cool quadricycles you can rent out in the park toride around the lake.

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