Travel Accessories You Can't Do Without When Traveling

You would agree that when it comes to travel gear to buy, we’re definitely spoiled for choice! There are literary hundreds of cool travel accessories out there, though in all fairness not all of them do a good job at enhancing one’s travel experience. In fact, you could go as far as saying that some travel accessories are pretty pointless!
Travel Accessories You Can't Do Without When Traveling

A few examples are the battery operated mosquito repellent and plane seat covers. Then, you have nifty travel accessories such as the sarong, which can be used for more than visiting temples. You can use a sarong as a beach towel, bed sheet, headscarf, and even as a skirt. That's why I can safely say that the multi-purpose sarong is one of those travel accessories you can’t do without when traveling. Here it’s some more to add to this list:

Travel shoulder straps

What a nice little invention! Shoulder straps may not be the most thought travel item to take when traveling, but they definitely deserve a place in the spotlight! By distributing the weight, shoulder straps can really make a difference when carrying heavy baggage loads for long periods.

Saying this, not all shoulder straps do a good job at distributing weight and some “skinny” shoulder straps hardly have any padding, which can be a right pain! This begs the question, what makes a good shoulder strap? A good shoulder strap should be made of quality Nylon fabric to give the strap durability, but also have some sections made of neoprene to give it flexibility.

The shoulder strap should also have heavy-duty adjustments and be fairly wide, thickly padded and without any hard edges. The most popular shoulder straps out in the travel market are the “Absolute Shoulder Strap” by Tom Bihn and the “Claw Shoulder Strap” by Red Oxx.

Travel underwear

Travel underwear is definitely, one of the travel accessories you can't do without when traveling, even though the idea of buying special underwear for traveling seems “pointless”. Despite the initial skepticism, I really have to give it to makers of travel underwear because they do solve the issue of sweaty and smelly underpants while traveling...uhmm, what would the TSA folks at the checkpoint would say about me just wearing my underpants?

That being said, make sure the travel underwear you’re looking to buy is made with an antimicrobial polymer because it is what actually stops your “undies” from stinking! You can buy them from “Ex Officio” and “Tilley”, though “Clever Travel Companion” sells travel underwear with cool pockets to keep your cash.

Travel ear plugs

There aren’t many travel accessories out there that you can really say they’re worth their weight in gold like travel earplugs do! The travel ear plug invention is without a doubt, one of the best examples of a product that solves a problem - light sleeping, annoying noises and tomato juice!

If you regularly use ear plugs on your travels, you know just how much of a godsend these little things really are! Travel ear plugs are very good for a lot of uses like blocking noise and annoying passengers! Saying this though get yourself a decent pair of travel ear plugs and getting the cheap disposable ones. Instead, go for travel earplugs that are washable, reusable and made of polyurethane foam such as the “Hearos Ultimate Softness Series” and “Howard Leight MAX”.


A smartphone is without question, one of the travel accessories you can't do without when traveling because it's simply such an amazingly multi-functional gadget to have! After owning a smartphone for a while, I can definitely testify that I find the smartphone absolutely indispensable everywhere I go.

The smartphone's popularity isn't surprising when you consider all the new applications you can download on a regular basis. The cool stuff you can do with a smartphone is mind blowing…convert currency, track GPS coordinates, and even browse the internet to check train timetables and reserve hotel accommodations.

Universal travel chargers

As mentioned above, the smartphone is a great little gadget to take on your travels because it’s such a great all-rounder that allows you to  lots of practical things. Having said this, as a frequent traveler it’s nice to take other gadgets to enhance as much as possible the travel experience.

Portable GPS navigators, compact cameras, pocketsize speakers, laptops, tablet PC's, portable media players and digital audio players are other great things to take when traveling abroad but doesn’t it get annoying having to bring power adapters and power bricks with you? I definitely think so!

Luckily, you can get nifty travel chargers on the market like the iGo Universal Netbook Charger, which allows you to charge simultaneously many of your favorite gadgets.

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