Tourist Sights in Macedonia

Macedonia may be one of the smallest countries in Europe but the place certainly packs a punch in terms of sights and natural attractions. As follows we have rounded up a list of must see places in Macedonia:

Statue of Alexander the Great, Skopje

The Statue of Alexander the Great is certainly the most popular landmarks in Skopje and it's one of the top sights to see in Macedonia.
Tourist Sights in Macedonia

The statue depicts Alexander on the back of his famous horse Bucephalus and it's definitely worth the photo opportunity since it's the grandest statue you'll see anywhere in Macedonia. The statue is also located in the heart of Skopje’s main square, which is such a nice place to stroll during the summer months.

Kokino Site

Kokino is an interesting archeological site located at the foot of the peak of Tatikev Kamen in the northeastern corner of Macedonia near the city of Kumanovo (an hour’s drive from Skopje).

Kokino was only discovered a decade ago (in 2001) and it’s essentially an ancient observatory site used 4,000 years ago to track the movement of the moon and the sun. Today, the site is open to the public so you’ll be able to wander off freely and take nice photos of the area around.

Memorial House of Mother Teresa, Skopje

If you’re interested in the life of Mother Teresa, you can’t miss visiting the Mother Teresa memorial in Skopje. The memorial house was built in 2009 and since then it’s become one of the most popular tourist sights in Macedonia.

Inside the memorial house, you can see artifacts like furniture, documents, and mementos that tell the life of Mother Teresa. Besides the memorial house, there’s also a monument of Mother Teresa next to it.

Ohrid Lake, Ohrid town

The Ohrid region is without a doubt, one of the most beautiful places to visit in Macedonia and it's home to the popular Ohrid town and Ohrid Lake, which is the most popular summer destination in Macedonia.

As far as tourists sights to see, there are plenty of sightseeing to be done in the old town of Ohrid, which is home home to medieval walls and historic sites such as the Church of St. John at Kaneo and Samoil's Fortress (Ohrid Fortress), which is a lovely medieval fort perched atop the old town of Ohrid that offers superb views of Lake Ohrid.

Treskavec Monastery, Prileop

The Monastery of Treskavec is another religious site worth adding to the list of tourist sights in Macedonia because of its amazing collection Byzantine frescoes (these frescoes date from the 15th century and are the oldest in Macedonia).

Mind you though, the old frescoes aren’t the only reason to visit the Monastery of Treskavec. From the top of the monastery you can get some of the best panoramic views of Macedonia’s country side.

Monastery of Sveti Naum, Ohrid region

The top of Sveti Naum monastery is another stunning place that offers gorgeous views of Lake Ohrid and the lovely countryside. The monastery is open to the public, though the main attraction of the monastery taking a boat ride on the freshwater springs surrounding the monastery.

You can easily get to Sveti Naum from Ohrid town (in around 45 mins drive), though in the summer you can also hop on a water taxi boat from Ohrid town to get to the monastery.

Galichnik, Mavrovo national park

Come summer time, the village of Galichnik is without a doubt, one of the most popular tourist sights in Macedonia to visit. Galichnik is famously known for the traditional wedding festival, which is held every year in early July.

If you’re planning to be in the area, you definitely can’t miss attending the Galicnik Wedding Festival and take part in the celebrations. The atmosphere during the festival is truly joyful and you’ll get to see the local villagers marching in national costumes as well as listen to ancient Macedonian music.

Golem Grad Natural Site

Golem Grad is a nature reserve island located in the middle of Lake Prespa (Macedonia’s second largest lake). Golem Grad Island has been inhabited for hundreds of years now so, it’s definitely the most pristine area in Macedonia where you can do superb bird watching.

The only way to get to Golem Grad is by boat, which you can hire inexpensively from either Konjsko or Stenje. Saying this, the boat ride from Konjsko takes just 25 mins; whereas Stenje is a good 80 minutes by boat.

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