Places to see in Northern Greece

Places to see in Northern Greece
The Peninsula of Halkidiki (a.k.a Chalkidiki) is definitely one of the most popular parts of Northern Greece because it’s home to interesting archeological sites such as the famous Petralona Cave of Halkidiki, which is renowned for its stunning formations of stalactites and stalagmites and human skeleton fossils.

Other archeological sites worth visiting in Halkidiki include Olynthus Site, which is home to ruin houses and well preserved mosaics from antiquity. Most of the artifacts found at Olynthus archeological site are actually on display at the local museum (Olynthus museum) in the village of Olynthus museum.

While in Halkidiki, it’s also worth passing by the folklore museums in the villages of Aphytos and Arnaia to learn about ancient Greek traditions and see interesting art on display and other exhibits such as ceramics, paintings, old furniture and agricultural tools used during the 18th century.

Imathia, Central Macedonia

There are also plenty of interesting things to be seen in the region of Imathia so it’s a good idea you allocate at least a 2-3 days of your itinerary to explore Imathia.

The absolute must see places in Imathia are the Jewish quarter and the old town of Veria, which is home to one of the oldest Byzantine churches in Europe. The royal tombs in Vergina and the Vergina Museum, which houses the famous golden crown and the golden ash-chest of Philip II of Macedon.

While in Imathia, it’s also worth visiting the beautiful park of Agios Nikolaos in Naoussa to enjoy a pleasant walk and picnic, as well as visiting some wineries. The region of Imathia produces some of the finest white and red wines in the whole of Greece so you definitely gotta sample some! The wineries of Domaine Foundi, Kir-Yianni (just outside of Naoussa) and Elinos (in Veria) are two places you can go for wine tastings.

Mount Olympos, Piera

A visit to northern Greece wouldn’t be complete without going for a hike to the top of Mount Olympos, which is without a doubt, one of the top places to see in northern Greece.

The main reason to visit Mt Olympus is the climb to the "Throne of Zeus" (Stefani peak), though even if you aren’t much of a hiker, you’ll be glad to know that you don't have to climb to the top of Mt. Olympos to enjoy the fantastic views of the area around and the ocean in the distance. Overall, the climb isn’t difficult that demanding, though it’s a good idea you bring hiking poles and a decent pair of hiking boots!

After the visit to Mt Olympos, it is also worth taking the detour to the archaeological site/museum in the nearby village of Dion. At the Dion archeological site you can see well preserved Roman columns and baths, while at the museum you’ll be able to see many of the artifacts excavated from the site such as statues, busts, ancient keys and stonemasonry tools.

Cave Agios Georgios, town of Kilkis

The Agios Georgios (Saint George) cave is located on the Hill of Agios Georgios Kilkis and it’s no doubt, another sight you have to see in northern Greece. The Cave Agios Georgios is definitely worth the drive from Thessalonika (about 60 mins drive north) because it's a very peculiar cave in that it has two-levels and boasts rare coral formations that aren't found in another caves in Greece.

While in Kilkis, be sure to also check out the archeological museum of Kilkis to see more prehistoric artifacts such as vases, jewelry and sculptures.

Meteora, Kalabaka

The famous monasteries of Meteora in the town of Kalabaka are without question, the most spectacular sight you can visit in the north of Greece. There are a couple of reasons for Meteora’s claim to fame and one of them is that it’s the largest complex of Eastern Orthodox monasteries in Greece.

The other reason for the popularity of Meteora monasteries are their location on top of huge natural rock pillars, which dramatic views of the town of Kalabaka. The six monasteries of Meteora were built right on top of these rock pillars and each of them offer truly memorable views!

By the way, the biggest and most impressive monastery in Meteora is the Megalo Meteoro monastery, while the monastery of the Holy Trinity is where the James Bond movie “For Your Eyes Only” was filmed.

City of Kozani

The city of Kozani (West Macedonia) is one place you must definitely add to your itinerary of northern Greece as it’s home to many interesting sights such as the three-hundred year old clock tower in Nikis Square, Georgios Lassanis Mansion, and the museum of natural history (Kozani natural history museum).

Kozani natural history museum is certainly one of the main reasons to visit the city of Kozani because it’s one of the most complete museums you can visit anywhere in Greece. The Kozani natural history museum offers a great opportunity to learn about Greece’s past and modern times all under one roof.

By the way, if you’re traveling to Kozani by rental car be sure to take a drive along Lake Polyfytos Bridge, which is the longest bridge in Greece. The bridge spans 2.5 miles from Kozani to the town of Servia and offers lovely views of Lake Polyfytos.


Being one of the largest cities in Northern Greece, one cannot forget seeing the tourist sights in Thessaloniki, which include archeological sites, old neighborhoods, monuments and museums. You’ll certainly need at least 3 days to see everything there’s to be seen in Thessalonika though if you’re pushed for time it’s a good idea to book an organized tour of the city.

The must see sights in Thessalonika are the statue of Alexander the Great , the church of Saint Demetrious (Hagios Demetrios), Thessaloniki Archeological Museum and the museum of Byzantine Culture, which is the best museum in Europe dedicated to the Byzantine empire.

The Thessaloniki Archeological Museum is an excellent place to learn about ancient Macedonia and see sacred artifacts on display such as the tomb of Alexander the Great’s father.

The church of Saint Demetrious is also worth checking out because of its catacombs, which have been turned into an interesting museum (Museum of Crypt) where you can see more interesting artifacts such as an old pulpit and early Christian art such as sculptures and paintings.

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