Best Party Destinations in Turkey

Planning a party vacation in Turkey?

Turkey isn’t just a great place to go for a beach vacation but also for clubbing and partying. Whether you’re into 80’s music or hardcore techno, you’ll find the ideal spot to party in Turkey that suit your taste.

The coastal areas of Turkey are home to dozens of spots where everyone can enjoy a great time though, for me, Kusadasi has to be the perfect party spot in Turkey because of its ideal location for day trips to Ephesus, Pergamon and Pamukkale. Other hot party destinations in Turkey worth mentioning include:


If you’re looking to do plenty of clubbing in Turkey, you won’t find a better destination in the country than the beach city of Antalya (located along Turkey’s Mediterranean coast). The beach resort of Antalya is the biggest resort town in Turkey and boasts a huge number of great nightclubs, bars, clubs such as the popular Club 29, Club Ally, and the famous Doner Gazino hotel/nightclub.

Doner Gazino is easily the best party spot in Antalya because of its location on a 2000 ft tall hill (Tunek Tepe) and rotating restaurant, which offers breathtaking views of the sea and panoramic vistas of Antalya.

Kemer (Antalya Province)

Kemer is sure enough one of the best party destinations in Turkey even though it may not be the biggest nightlife spot in the country. Kemer is located just a short taxi drive from Antalya and it’s a very popular party destination because of its disco clubs, topless and cage dancing bars such as Club Rai, Aura First club, Disco Inferno and Aura Moonlight club.

Another reason for Kemer’s popularity is its Russian/Ukrainian/British/Turkish vibe, which gives Kemer such a unique and distinctive feel.


Alanya is another fantastic party destination on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey that is worthy of consideration for a party vacation. Alanya is about 3 hours drive east of Antalya and it’s by far one of the nicest places to go in Turkey for partying.

Unlike Kusadasi or Bodrum, Alanya’s nightlife isn’t just for techno clubbers, which is great if you aren’t just looking for podium dancing! Popular party spots in Alanya include Robin Hood Latino bar, Crazy Horse bar/restaurant, James Dean nightclub, and Havana nightclub, which play everything from oldies to R&B.

Another great thing about partying in Alanya is that most of the clubs, discos and bars are located within the harbor area so you're always within walking distance.


The capital city of Turkey –Istanbul- may not be on many travelers’ radar for a party vacation but you'll be surprised to know that Istanbul is one of Europe’s flourishing party capitals. Istanbul's nightlife is huge and spans the districts of Kadıkoy, Sisli, Besiktas and Beyoglu.
Best Party Destinations in Turkey

The main party spots in Istanbul are Ortakoy neighborhood (in Bosphorus area), and Beyoglu (in the European side of Istanbul). Beyoglu boasts a nice variety of clubs like Al Jamal, which is renowned for its belly dancing shows and middle-eastern style decor. The Mojo, Nardis and Babylon are other great spots that are popular to catch local music and live bands.

Saying this, the Bosphorus area of Ortakoy is the hottest party destination in Istanbul because of places such as Club Anjelique, Reina and Suada Club, which boast stylish decors and draw many celebrities.


Marmaris is one of the touristiest resorts in Turkey and it’s without question, one of the best party destinations in Turkey. Marmaris is a prime holiday resort so it caters to both families and young people, though August/September draws primarily the young crowd looking to enjoy Marmaris popular drag shows, foam parties, hardcore bars and live karaoke contests.

The main party areas in Marmaris are Long Beach (beach-front area of Marmaris resort) and Bar Street, both of which are home to an incredible amount of venues such as the popular Captain’s Bar, Talk of the Town (drag show), Shooters (R&B club), Greenhouse (dance club), Backstreet (disco and dance club) and B-52 (cocktail bar).

Another reason why Marmaris is such a fantastic party destination is because of moonlight cruises and night boat parties on offer. You’ll be able to book a ride on a moonlight cruise for around $10 with one of the many travel agencies in Marmaris such as the “Oxford Travel Agency”.

Bodrum and Gumbet

Bodrum beach town and Gumbet beach resort are without a doubt, two of most popular party destinations along the Aegean coast of Turkey.

Bodrum and Gumbet have a similar tourist vibe and party atmosphere to Marmaris because of their "street bars" home to great venues such as Roxy Bar, Mr. Frogs (Karaoke bar), Casa del Sol (dance club), White House (cocktail bar), Red Lion bar (R&B club), Déjà Vu (beach club), and the famous Halikarnas Disco, which is one of the largest open-air clubs in Europe.

In all, you can expect plenty of live music bars, discos and clubs in both Bodrum and Gumbet so whether you're looking to enjoy a lively or a more chilled night out you'll still have fun!

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