Best Mediterranean Islands to Visit

Looking for the best island destination in the Mediterranean?

With over 150 pristine islands scattered across the stunning Mediterranean Sea, it’s not surprise that the Mediterranean is such a popular holiday destination. Whether you’re traveling with family, kids, friends, solo, on honeymoon, partying or on a cruise, there’s a Mediterranean island out there to suit everyone’s taste and budget. Below I have rounded up a list of top Mediterranean islands worth considering for your next beach vacation in Europe:


Rhodes is probably the most popular of the Greek islands and with good reason since it offers lots to do for tourists such as taking day trips to Kos and Symi. The Island of Rhodes is a springboard point to the Aegean Coast of Turkey. In fact, Rhodes is just a cool hour away by hydrofoil to the Turkish beach towns of Marmaris and Bodrum (which are two of the most popular beach destinations to party in Europe).

Besides the lovely beaches, Rhodes is one of the best Mediterranean islands to visit for history buffs. Rhodes boasts interesting Ottoman architecture and medieval history. The narrow alleys of Rhodes old town, the monasteries, hill fortresses, and mosques really and truly make you feel as being back in the time of the Crusaders and Knights Templars!


One of the most popular islands in the Mediterranean to travel to is Crete, mainly because of the variety of low-cost airlines and travel operators offering cheap flights, all inclusive vacation packages and cruises to the island. Crete also has a fantastic tourism infrastructure, which is another reason why Crete is such a great holiday spot for families with kids and solo travelers.
Best Mediterranean Islands to Visit

As far tourist attractions, Crete boasts an incredible amount of attractions such as the Minoan archeological sites scattered across the island, the beautiful Samaria Gorge National park in Chania, the ancient fortress of Spinalonga in Elounda and the sacred Arkadi Monastery in Rethymnon. There are also lots of fun things to do for tourists such as enjoying the water rides at the Star Beach water park in Chersonisos, riding the "Happy Train" in Elounda, snorkeling in Stalis Beach and trekking through Crete’s White Mountains.

Santorini, Capri and Aegina

The Mediterranean islands also make for a fantastic honeymoon and romantic getaway for couples and newlyweds. If you’re looking for a vacation spot with a romantic setting and don’t mind the tourist crowds, the Italian island of Capri and the Greek island of Santorini are the places to be.

Both Santorini and Capri tons are perched on the side of rocky cliffs and offer the most wonderful views of the Mediterranean Sea ever, especially at sunset. There’s really nothing more romantic a couple can do than spending a romantic afternoon catching the sunset in Capri or Santorini!

In the other hand, if you prefer to steer away from the hustle and bustle of Capri and Santorini,you can always head to the island of Aegina in the Saronic Islands of Greece. Aegina is, hands down, one of the best Mediterranean islands to visit on honeymoon or family vacation with kids. Besides the beautiful beaches, Aegina offers a nice opportunity for a low-paced vacation, experience the “real” Greece and sample traditional Greek cuisine. Best of all, the capital Athens is just a stone-throw away from Aegina island, which you can get to in under an hour!

Ibiza and Mykonos

The Balearic Islands of Spain and the Greek Islands are also popular spots for partying and if you’re looking for a clubbing vacation, you won;t find better party destinations than Ibiza or Mykonos. Both Mykonos and Ibiza boast plenty of beach bars and renowned nightclubs such as DC10 (Ibiza) and Cavo Paradiso (Mykonos) which draw world-class DJ’s.

Overall, Ibiza is probably the most popular party island in the Mediterranean because it has more options for partying and more party spots (i.e. Space, Bora Bora bar and Salinas beach) than Mykonos. Having said this, one thing Mykonos really has going for are the beaches. Don’t get me wrong, Ibiza’s beaches are great but Mykonos’ beaches are the most beautiful!

Hvar, Croatia

Croatia is another country boasting dozens of beautiful Mediterranean islands to its name such as the popular island of Hvar. Just like the rest of the other Croatian islands, Hvar is located on the Adriatic part of the Mediterranean Sea, which boasts some of the gorgeous waters and finest beaches in the world.

Besides the beaches and sun-kissed weather, Hvar is one of the best Mediterranean islands to visit for sailing and boating.  Hvar town  offers plenty of opportunities for sea kayaking tours, organized sailing day trips to the Pakleni islands, Dubrovnik and Pescara (Italy).

As far as letting your hair down, Hvar is also a great destination for having a good time. The island is home to several top-class bars and nightclubs such as the popular Carpe Diem, Nautica and Kiva. Saying this, though, partying isn’t nearly as crazily intense as Ibiza, though the summer months do get pretty mad in Hvar too. Still, if you visit in early or late summer you'll find great weather and avoid most of the tourist crowds.


Formentera is one of the prettiest Balearic Islands of Spain and some of the most pristine islands in the world. If you’re looking for sun, relaxation, naturism and beautiful beaches, Formentera is without question, one of the best Mediterranean islands to visit for a beach vacation.

Formentera beaches are unspoiled and the island is one of the nicest destinations to go on  vacation in Spain. Platja (beach) de Llevant and Playa de ses Illetes are probably the best beaches in Formentera.

Aside from relaxing under the sun, Formentera offers the opportunity for day trips to Ibiza (it takes around 30 minutes by ferry to Ibiza town).

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