The Top 5 Must-See Attractions for Kids Visiting NYC

 Traveling to New York City is an once-in-a-lifetime experience for viewing an iconic American city and seeing some of the world’s most amazing attractions.

However, it can be difficult to balance the amazing culture of the Empire State with child friendly and engaging attractions. But all is not lost; there are plenty of kid friendly and adult entertaining attractions within the Big Apple.

The Peanut Butter & Co. Sandwich Shop

This New York gem is a PB &J lover’s dream and is a kid friendly sandwich shop that Zagat rated as a 22 for food and had this to say about the gourmet peanut butter shop:

“ Grown-ups “relive their childhood” at this “kid-friendly”, wallet-friendly Village “hole-in-the-wall” where the “sticky” “gimmick” is “yummy” peanut butter, served in every kind of sandwich imaginable (“try the Elvis”); given the small setup, hard-core types get the “artisan” spreads to go and “mimic the experience” at home.”

Tisch Children's Zoo at Central Park Zoo & New York Bike Tours

The Tisch Children’s Zoo is one of Central Park’s attractions and is located inside the Central Park Zoo. Both Zoos are entertaining for children of all ages but the Tisch Zoo is a small petting zoo for children ages six and under. Easily accessible food dispensers allow small children to touch and pet animals they normally wouldn’t be able to in the large New York urban landscape. This little petting zoo also is educational as it has daily informational, fun shows and bronze sculptures located next to the animal pens that showcase the animal’s sounds.

Along with The Central Park Tisch Zoo, the area of Central Park also holds claim to many other children friendly attractions. The most popular attraction for older children is to take a New York bike tour around the five acre Central Park and see its many attractions and guests.

Harry Potter Exhibit at Discovery Times Square

For children and adults, the Harry Potter Exhibit at Discovery Times Square is an interesting and fun attraction of New York City. Available during the 2012 holiday season, this exhibit is for Harry Potter book and movie fans across the United States. This fun exhibit activates the imagination while being filled with adventure and memorabilia from the famous books and movies.

 American Museum of Natural History

 The American Museum of Natural History is a wonderful place to educate and entertain families who live in or are visiting The Big Apple. Filled with planetarium styled space shows, as well as earth and space exhibits, this museum is also home to the largest collection of dinosaur fossils in the world.

Children can touch and interact with multiple exhibits in this large museum and are adults and kids are awed when they step into the Hall of Ocean Life exhibit. This wondrous hall is dominated by a large 94 foot long Blue Whale model that is raised above the guests of the natural history museum.

FAO Schwarz

This iconic toy store that’s been seen in movies like BIG, have captured the hearts of children and adults the world over since its birth in the year 1862. Known as the oldest toy store in America, FAO Schwarz is known for its high-end toys, larger than life stuffed animals and its huge floor piano. Children of all ages will find toys for themselves and even as adults; you may find some toys you can’t pass up for yourself. This store is a symbol of childlike innocence and playfulness in New York City.

New York City is wondrous place filed with child friendly attractions, amazing architecture and culture. While vacationing in the Empire City be sure to check out our list of top five kid friendly, must see attractions.

Author Bio: Anthony Clayton is the Internet Marketing Manager for Bike Rental Central Park, a provider of tours featuring Central Park attractions. In his spare time, Anthony enjoys being in the outdoors and rooting for the San Antonio Spurs.