Driving In Scotland: Places That Would Leave You Mesmerized

Scotland is enriched with natural beauty which magnifies in the morning sunshine. Lush green surroundings, topped with beautiful weather gives it a heavenly view which soothes our eyes and calms the mind. Tired of the hustle, noise and pollution of the cities, people travel to Scotland in search of tranquility and peace. And with its close proximity to nature, this country never ceases to enthrall, amaze and enrapture its visitors.

As they say, its not the destination but the journey that counts. You can travel Scotland through all modes of transportation as it has well connected roads, comfortable trains and extensive airways. Car would be the best way to see the real beauty of Scotland. Exotic highlands, Atlantic coastline, Isle of Skye are among few places that cannot be missed. Therefore hire a cab or motorbike and go on to a beautiful journey that would mesmerize and re-energize you.

#1 Glasgow to Oban

While Glasgow would definitely be part of an extensive tour to Scotland, the extended journey to Oban is too beautiful to be missed. Heading North-west to Loch Lomond, way along the A82 road would take you to your destination.

You’ll get plenty of clicking opportunities along with beautiful roadside cafes where you can enjoy coffee amidst beautiful surroundings. Your first stop would be at Loch Lomond along with the Trossochs national park where you get plenty of tracking and biking opportunities.

Thereon, heading through A85, the path gets divided onto roads above the coastal region of Oban. In Oban, you can enjoy various water sports and also use some trekking opportunities.

#2 Tarbert to Isle of Islay

This path would give you a grand view of Array Mountains. Coming over from Tarbert, head to the B842 road which would take you to a village called Carradale. This village would be your first stop where you can enjoy the adventure sports like trekking or just relax and enjoy the ambiance.

Furthermore, you need to turn north on the A83 and head to the Loch Tarbet. This is one of the preferred Loch amongst the Locals where you can get plenty of opportunities to interact with them.

#3 Scottish Highlands

If you feel that you have traveled and seen all of the beautiful mountain ranges in the world, then Scottish Highlands would totally put you in awe. Covered in lush green plants, beautiful flowers and topped with exotic weather, these highlands is serene, quiet and beautiful.

While biking is one of the best techniques to savor its beauty, you can equally enjoy it via car ride. There are many centers which provide bikes for hire so, if you have hired a cab and feel like enjoying a bike ride then you can hire a bike for a day or two and set forth on a beautiful journey.

#4 Glasgow to Fort William

Voted as one of the best Roads in Scotland, this A82 road takes you to some of the most regarded tourist destinations such as Loch Lomond, Fort William, etc. You can visit these tourist places while enjoying the scenic views along the way.

This road further takes you to the Scottish highlands which are the scenic paradises in themselves. It is highly recommended to hire a bike or a bike taxi along this way as the weather is pleasant enough to give you a good view and the roads are safe enough where you can enjoy bike rides.

#5 Isle of Arran

This place would give you one of the best mountain biking experience ever. The roads are wide enough that provides safety and you do not need a car to explore the crystal view. Upon moving south from A84, you’ll reach your first stop at Whiting Bay.

Night can be spent at various Bed and Breakfast which would also re-energize you for a Coastal trip ahead along the Isle of Arran. In addition, if you want to enjoy lavishly and get a first hand experience in Scottish tradition then Scotland Holiday homes should be your dwelling option. They are beautiful, well built and located admit beautiful Scottish landscapes.

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