Six Golf Courses in Nevada you Can’t Miss

Nevada is often given a bad reputation. The state is riddled with deserts and dry heat, and it’s easy to think there isn’t much to see and do apart from gambling in Las Vegas and Reno. Fortunetly, Nevada is much more than casinos and luxurious hotels. There is a hidden oasis of luxury that appeals to more than just resort seekers and posh travelers.

Nevada houses some of the best golf courses in the world. It sounds crazy, I know, but it’s time to expose Mesquite, Nevada as the well-kept secret that needs to be shared! Below it's a list of six golf courses in Nevada you can't miss:

Sand Hollow Resort

Picture this: you’re in the desert surrounded by red rock and some of the most breathtaking sunsets you’ve ever seen. Take that image and surround it with the most pristine and thoroughly kempt golf course you’ve been on and that’s what Sand Hollow offers. There are two courses—the championship and the links—which are both outstanding. Bring your camera and enjoy the view.

Conestoga Golf Club

You may never want to leave Conestoga Golf Club after playing a few holes. These grounds are designed with the aesthetic direction to enhance to game. Not only will you enjoy the game but the accommodations are prime to ensure your golf vacation is stress free. This resort has enough entertainment to justify a getaway the whole family will enjoy.

Falcon Ridge Golf Club

The most impressive to me is Falcon Ridge. Over 6,ooo yards of beautiful greens and inspiring vistas, Falcon Ridge is a par 71 course that will make an average golfer wet themselves. The front 9 holes are considered easy par for the course, but the back 9 holes are more difficult and you might want to rent a golf cart to get around the hills. The resort is beauty at its best and a perfect place to bring the family for a fun getaway.

Coyote Springs Golf Course

This course is an absolute gem; a desert oasis course that was designed by the great Jack Nicklaus. The views are amazing, and the lakes at Coyote Springs are not to be missed. Book a deluxe room and hang around the resort the whole time, or hit the spa. The atmosphere is a mix of fun nightlife and comfortable relaxation.

Canyons at Oasis Golf Club

The first course in the Oasis group of links is the Canyons at Oasis. This course was created to accentuate the natural surroundings you see about you. It’s a par 71 like most championship courses, and features some staggering approaches to the refreshing Bermuda greens. This course is definitely built for the strong golfer.

Palmer at Oasis Golf Club

The Palmer was designed by the master himself; Arnold Palmer. This is definitely the most difficult of the six courses. From the blacks, the distance is roughly 6,700 yards, and the views are absolutely outrageous. You feel completely serendipitous when riding along through this oasis paradise. It’s an eye-catcher for sure, but not for the novice of skill on the links.

Tips for Choosing the Right Golf Course

If you’re like me, it’s easy to label golf as just well… golf. But here in Mesquite there are different types of courses that can cater to the most advanced professional or the fresh-from-the-womb novice. Regardless of your experience level, here are some tips to help you choose the right course:

First, do your homework. Make sure you have checked out the distances on the holes. Some courses are built for professionals while others are more suited for leisurely play. Call the pro shops of the courses you’re interested in and tell them what skill level you are. They are more than happy to assist you in finding the right course for you.

Second, don’t get overwhelmed by appearance. Many golf holes look scary, but even with an amateur golfer who knows how to hit the ball you can end up just fine and out of hazards.

The last tip for choosing a course would be to do your price-checking. Some courses are moderately expensive, but not as entertaining or challenging as others; they have the price because of the name. Make sure you are comfortable paying what is asked so you don’t regret your purchase when you lose three balls off the first tee box.

If you have never been to Mesquite, Nevada, you are missing out on some of the best scenery and atmosphere the state has to offer—especially if you have kids and don’t want to get mixed in with the atmosphere of Las Vegas or Reno. The resorts are top notch, the weather is always beautiful, and the food is worth the stay.

Cody Lewis is the Online Relations director working with He has been working with them for almost ten years, and has an extensive background in golf and baseball. He received his bachelor of arts in communication at Ball State University in Iowa. He currently resides in Mesquite, Nevada with his wife and two daughters.