Holiday Caribbean Style- Where Leisure Meets Luxury!

Caribbean islands are dreams of many travellers, especially those who are not leaving near a sea or an ocean. A general assumption is that staying on these islands under the warm sun and cool beach sand beneath your feet is pure luxury. Icing on the cake would be choosing one of the many perfect luxury villas in the Caribbean, the islands are known for. A sybarite and a connoisseur of aesthetics on that surely knows the ingredients of lavish secluded holidays on islands and the one under discussion could be heralded as the gem of all.

Why would you like to go to Caribbean? Of course, water fun is always on the top of the list but it couldn't be the sole reason. Following can be those, you would like to add to this list:

Grand Cayman

Have you heard of Cayman Islands? In a map, you will find them located near Jamaica and Cuba. Among three of them, the Grand Cayman is the largest one. Its largeness can be easily imagined by the fact that the five out of six districts of all the Cayman Islands are located in Grand Cayman itself.

Grand Cayman Attractions 

Coming to its tourism, the place is well-known for scuba diving and snorkeling. Spot many forms of marine life including Green Sea Turtle in its natural home. Admiring coral reef in the pristine waters is just the other aspect of it. In addition to that, Turtle Farms, Seven Mile Beach, Mastic Trail, Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, Hell and Blow Holes make a good time out of the hotel, resort or villa, when you feel like.
The famous Seven Mile Beach is one of the best places in the Grand Cayman to look for luxury accommodation according to particular needs. Most of the resorts, hotels and villas are located here. Among which you can make your selection.


By the seeing this word, the memories of James Bond starred Casio Royal come flashing into your mind. Yes, the name has grown in popularity by its association with this movie but this should not the sole reason for you to want to visit the capital of Bahamas. Well, daily flights from major places like US, UK and Canada are one of those but there is more to it.

Nassau Attractions

Junkanoo, a festival of colours and noise displayed in and street parade should be one reason to holiday in Caribbean city of Nassau. Others are visiting Old Town, Ardastra (Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Centre), Pirate Museum, National Art Gallery of Bahamas and Fort Fincastle. Enjoy the feeling of being in James Bond’s Shoes and explore as much as you like and the time permits.

Old town is one of the most prominent places to provide luxury accommodations but there are many other options you can find once you start looking for them.

San Juan

Puerto Rico is one of the many places in the Caribbean Premises that has the power to haunt you. The capital city, San Juan is the major destination here. An important seaport, the city is already popular. Established as a Spanish settlement, the place is now a part of US and has been immensely talked about due to holding renowned sporting events.

San Juan Attractions

If we keep its commercial achievements aside, its major tourist attractions give other reasons to visit. Fort San Christobal, Cathedral of San Juan Bautista, Condado, El Morro, Ocean Park, La Fortaleza, Isla Verde, Munoz Rivera Park, Fuertes San Geronimo and many more. If Rum is one of your favorites, you would not like to miss on a tour to Bacardi Rum Factory. If culture and history is your interest, many popular museums can keep you occupied as long as you want.

Ashford Avenue, Ocean Park and Isla Verde are among the popular places where finding a luxurious accommodation as per the standard of a sybarite is easy. Feeling disappointed is a little tough here.

Other Options

Those that are mentioned above are only for starters. If you are on a trip that could be extended as per your will, the list of places that you would not want to leave in your Caribbean tour include Oranjestad , Grenada , Curacao, Negril, Punta Cana, and Varadero. The list can go even longer, just ensure nothing else needs you more than the tour to best of the Caribbean islands!

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