Three Ideal Romantic Cruises for Couples

We all know why cruises are so much fun; they allow us to visit many amazing places without the hassle of long plane rides, uncomfortable transfers, or bothersome commute. Once you board, everything is taken care of for you, meaning that those who enjoy all-inclusive holidays often find that a cruise is ideal for them.

Although cruises cater to all kinds of travellers, it's often couples seeking a romantic getaway that are most drawn to this kind of trip. That's because a cruise can be as relaxing or as full of activities as you like. Days can be spent relaxing by the pool or taking a trip at your destination of the day. All the practicalities of everyday life are taken care of, so you don't even need to think about cooking and cleaning, giving you time to enjoy each other's company.

Here are just some of the cruise options you could consider for a romantic trip. There are often many great cruises deals around, so whatever type of cruise you want, do your research and save money. This will give you some extra cash for bottles of champagne or luxury shopping once you're on-board.

The Caribbean

Many people associate cruises with visiting small, picturesque islands, and that's why the Caribbean is so popular. Imagine sitting on deck with your loved one, sipping cocktails, and enjoying the sunshine. The only reason you have to get off the ship is for those days on land where you can enjoy perfect beaches and colourful culture.

There are many options for visiting the Caribbean, but one of the most convenient is sailing directly from Southampton with P&O. This means there are no flights, so your baggage allowance is generous. Plus, with adult only ships, you don't need to worry about noisy children interrupting a romantic moment. You'll enjoy destinations that are popular with tourists, such as St Lucia and Antigua, along with some lesser known places such as the  Leeward Islands. This kind of trip is perfect for sun-worshiping couples who want pure relaxation and to explore some beautiful, isolated places.

River Cruises

For those couples who enjoy the buzz of the city, a river cruise is the ideal way to see some of the most exciting, cultural capitals. The best way to describe a river cruise is that it's like a floating hotel. It takes you to the heart of each city, so you can truly get to know the place and enjoy some top-notch destinations.

Europe is probably the most popular destination for river cruises, and the Magnificent Europe itinerary offered by AMA Waterways is just one of the great trips on offer. You and your loved one can enjoy visiting Budapest, Vienna, and Amsterdam, among other destinations. In addition, many stops are overnight so you can enjoy a romantic meal, a trip to the opera, or just a romantic stroll through the city streets. It's the perfect trip for those couples who enjoy city breaks, yet want the chance to explore without the hassle of long train and bus journeys.

Transatlantic Cruises

If you and your loved one have always wanted to explore America, yet are put off by the long flight times, then a transatlantic cruise is a more relaxing way to explore the area. Best of all, the ships on these routes are often large and very luxurious, so you can truly enjoy some pampering en route.

A trip on Cunard's Queen Mary 2 is a once in a lifetime experience for many couples, and with lots of cruises deals around, it could be more affordable than you think. After eight days at sea, enjoying luxury amenities, upmarket cuisine, and world class entertainment, you'll arrive in New York in style. Once there, you would be ready to take an excursion or simply enjoy time in the city with a loved one. You get the best of both worlds, a romantic cruise, and destinations that you'll always have memories of.

Next time you and your loved one are planning a trip, think about whether cruising to your destination is an option. It makes for a much more relaxed, and therefore romantic trip, and there's nothing for you to worry about except having romantic times.

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