Top 10 Reasons Why Tourists Come to Jamaica

The third largest island in the Caribbean, Jamaica, is a quintessential island paradise that consistently scores highly as one of the most desirable holiday destinations on the planet!

Bounded by some of the best beaches on offer anywhere in the world and dominated by an impressive mountain range that offers some truly spectacular views, this vibrant, effusive island punches way above its weight in terms of the sheer wealth of sights and sounds it has to offer its visitors. Here are ten of the best reasons why Jamaica holidays are unlike any other:

Stay in a Luxurious Resort

The place where it all started, Jamaica’s all-inclusive resorts started in the town of Ocho Rios and has gone on to be one of the island’s most attractive draws. Many packages include things like transfer to and from the airport, standard meals and unlimited access to drinks within the resort.

See the Beaches

Fans of Ian Fleming may already have their hearts sets on visiting some of the pristine beaches so beloved of the author and once there, you’ll find their reputation richly deserved. Jamaica offers arguably the finest beach holidays available. Negril Beach is a particular highlight.

Vibrant Nightlife

If you’re wanting to spend your days relaxing and your nights partying well in to the small hours, look no further than the heady nightlife on offer in places such as Margueritaville and Negri, both of which are located in the vibrant setting of Montego Bay. Music and dance is this country’s lifeblood.

Enjoy Water sports

As you might expect from its geography, the sea provides a whole host of diverting leisure activities for those visitors looking to be a little more active during the long, hot days. Take the opportunity to do some diving in the spectacular coral reefs or go for something like jet-skiing or wind-surfing.

Rich History

Sites such as Bellefield Great House and Bluefields provide a unique insight into the rich historical and cultural legacy of the island and more modern attractions such as the Bob Marley Experience and Theatre also cater for more modern tastes.

Play a Round of Golf

There are an abundance of excellently maintained courses on offer throughout the island. Visit somewhere like the Half-Moon Golf course and you’ll soon see why it has a reputation as the best golf resort in the Caribbean.

Sample the Cuisine

Jamaican cuisine is bold, exciting and unlike anything you are probably used to back home. Be sure to sample the national dish of Ackee and Saltfish before moving on to something a little more adventurous such as a fiery jerk chicken dish.

Explore the Natural Scenery

Jamaica is home to a spectacularly diverse ecosystem, and plays host to an abundance of wildlife and natural vegetation that simply has to be seen to be believed. Particularly noted for its birdlife, the island has a number of national parks and areas of specially designated biodiversity that make it an ideal destination for nature lovers.

To Get Married

A popular destination for honeymooners and wedding parties, many of the resorts are well prepared to cater for your every need from food and drink to receptions and even providing the band!

Child Friendliness

As a premier holiday destination, most resorts have excellent facilities for children. Supervised beach activities and organised child-friendly events are sure to make your stay even more pleasurable.