Best Beaches In India's West Coast

India has always been a popular destination among solo travelers, backpackers and families looking for a cultural experience but India is also fast becoming one of the top beach destinations in Asia and it isn't hard to see why.

India's east coast and west coast boast lovely beaches and hundreds of beautiful vacation spots to enjoy a beach vacation, even with small kids. Many people are discovering the wondrous beauty of India's underrated coasts and so should you!

India boasts white sandy beaches, though the beaches along the Arabian Sea (west coast) are probably the best beaches in India. The Arabian seacoast of India is home to a strikingly gorgeous stretch of land known as Varkala Beach, which is perhaps the epitome of tropical beaches around the world.

Morjim Beach is another beautiful Indian beach that boasts a white sandy stretch that is home to the Olive Ridley Turtle. The beach is kept close during the time the turtles nest. This keeps them from being disturbed while they nest.

Next, there is the Bangaram Beach. It is considered the most beautiful of all the beaches in India's west coast and one can see why. The beach is nestled among the Lakshadweep Islands and it is a beach that has not succumbed to the ravages of the modern world.

The crystal waters of Bangaram Beach expose a bright reef, teaming with life. It promises to reward the swimmer with an unforgettable experience. If natural beauty is what stimulates and excites you, then look no further. Simply come and enjoy a rewarding treat.

If peace and quiet are the thing you are looking for, one of the best beaches in India's west coast for peace and relaxation is Karmatang Beach. One can have a grand time kicking back and taking in the unspoiled beauty and varied marine life of Karmatang Beach, which includes turtles, elephants, different kinds of lizards, and crocodiles.

One can truly spend a lazy afternoon in Karmatang Beach sun bathing, scuba diving, and exploring the miles of white sand of this magnificent beach. Crystal waters and breathtaking coral reefs provide a tranquil backdrop as you relax all of your cares away.

Kochi Beach is one of the best beaches in India's west coast to go dolphin watching. The rhythmic sound of the water in perfect harmony with the swimming dolphins, round out the list of exciting, beautiful, and serene beaches. Kochi Beach also boasts the perfect setting for taking long walks.

From north to south and east to west, India has some wonderfully beautiful beaches to visit. One can definitely say that there is a beach in India for everyone to go and enjoy!

So, the next time your family and friends talk about "where to go on a beach vacation", why not suggest traveling to the exotic and beautiful seaside of India? Traveling to India is truly a treat for the senses that will leave lasting memories of a life time!

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