The Top 7 Ways to Save on Car Hire in USA

All set to hit the American road network this holiday? You better read on.

As summer holidays are getting closer, car rental prices in the USA are expected to witness a rise.
The rentals are at peak during the period of April to August. In the year 2011, the average rental of a
compact car booked for 7 days before a week in July was $369.62, which is roughly 55.6 percent more
than the $236.73 quoted in the month of March, as reported by a leading auto industry magazine.

If you are looking for cheap car hire in USA during the peak holiday season, consider these 7 can’t-fail tips:

1. Look Beyond the Most Renowned Brands

Of course when you hire a car from the world-famous brands like Avis and Hertz, you are set
free from all worries and simply enjoy your holidays. Rather directly visiting the websites of this
front runner companies, you may look for some other websites that offer car hire services from the
industry giants. Such third-party websites will save you around 30 percent of the rental price. Spend
enough time in comparing the rates on various websites.

2. Mine the internet for Promotional discounts and coupons

There are several websites that publish coupon code in the name of a specific rental company, as a
part of brand promotion. Rental companies offer special discount codes to their regular customers.
Leverage the promotional offers of the rental companies to again move down the car hire cost.

3. Keep an eye on the rates till the last moment

Some web portals are designed to help buyers track the rental prices and coupons till the last day
before the trip. Either you can book rental directly from this kind of website or use them to keep a
track on the rental package purchased from some another website.

4. Avoid airport transfers

Don’t set pick-up or departure point at the airport, as it unnecessarily increase the overall cost by
more than 30 percent. Choose an off-airport location while booking a car online.

5. Book car longer than you actually need it

You may find it unreasonable, but booking a car for a few extra days on weekly package or adding
a few hours to extend it till weekend will actually help you lower the cost. Most of the rental
companies offer lowest rates for weekend car hire deals. So, when you hire a car inclusive of
weekend, the booking system of rental companies will automatically set a lower rate for your
package. Additionally, you can save yourself from the scenarios of paying extra money for using the
car after the deal ends.

6. Bargain

Even if you have followed all the tips discussed above and find the best deal, there is nothing wrong
in negotiating at the rental desk. This may not only help you reduce the cost, but get you a better

7. Pay before you go

Well, I am not saying this as you don’t seem a reliable person in matter of finance. The reason is
some car rental companies in the USA offer some extra discounts up to 20 percent to travelers who
prepay the amount.

Considering these 7 tips will help you find really cheap USA car rental offers.

Author Bio: Hernyka is a freelance writer who has spent much of her life in traveling different
countries of the world. She shares her personal experiences and knowledge about cheap car rental USAHireaCarNowGroup in various online portals.

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