Things to do During Easter Holidays in Scotland

Easter holidays are just around the corner and if you are in the position to take a trip to another country, this year would be a great chance to visit Scotland. When you hear of people planning trips for their short vacations, it is not often that you find their trips encompass so many things to see and do.

The trips are usually focused around one to five main attractions or activities and that's it. When you think of visiting Scotland however, you can name more than 50 different things that you can enjoy while on your short stay. Your main dilemma will not be what to see or do. Your main dilemma will be how much time you have left in the country. Below are just a couple of suggestions as to why this would be the perfect location for your Easter weekend trip.

Things to Do

When it comes to things to do during Easter holidays in Scotland, you will be spoilt for choice. It all boils down to whether you want to do these things alone, as a couple or with your loved ones. Some things however stand out from the rest when it comes to things to do whether you are rich, alone, young or whatever you define yourself as.

1. Camera Obscura - This fantasy world right beside the Edinburgh Castle is one of those places you cannot afford to miss whilst visiting Scotland. It has myriads of optical experiences and exhibitions that will leave you in awe. It comes with the added benefit of being right next to the Edinburgh castle which is usually on 'everybody's must see' list whilst in Scotland. The fun, bright and magical colours will make for a perfect Easter celebration.

2. Safari Adventures - This experience is without a doubt, one of the top thins to do during Easter holidays in Scotland. Whether with your family, as a couple or alone, Safari Adventures gives you a chance to see the best of Scottish sea and island wildlife in their natural environment just off the Firth of Lorne Conservation area.

3. Blue Goose Country Pub - There is no visiting the great Scotland without visiting their greatest watering holes. Take a trip to the Blue Goose Country Pub in Edinburgh where you can taste all of the finest Scottish delicacies and of course - drinks!

What to See

There are plenty of great attractions and places to see in Scotland but during the Easter Holidays, there is only place to be, and that is the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh!

The National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh boasts amazing displays to behold ranging from artifacts of Aladdin's cave to new technology. There is a ton of art to see on display and many great performers taking place. There are also cafes and bistros to enjoy a snack and drink while you look over Edinburgh castle, Arthurs Seat, Salisbury Crags and much more!

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