Walking Holidays For Singles Over 50: Where To Go

When the time comes to plan a holiday for individuals over 50, choosing the right location is the utmost of importance. These trips are a great way to meet new people and experience something new and different while away from home. With plenty of things to do and see, everyone has a great time.

Getting away from everything can be fun and exciting for singles over 50. There are no other people that need to coordinate their schedules and there are no other travelers that may or may not want to participate in similar activities. But before getting more specifics about the adventure, singles over 50 must make a decision on the location to which they want to travel.

Following the History of America

Even if you are not a history buff, there are dozens of walking holidays for singles over 50 where you can enjoy following in the footsteps of great Americans. These types of tours may not have some of the traditional activities associated with a group tour, including rafting, camping, or hiking, but there is still plenty to experience along the way.

The tour involves lots of walking and several different stops each day at different locations with historical significance. This is a location for someone with at least a minor interest and the freedom and desire to get up close with events of the past that continue to shape the future, making it one of the best walking holidays for singles over 50.

The Wild West

Travelers looking for more adventure should check out trips that center on the western part of the United States. While not everyone in these parts wears cowboy boots, travelers can definitely get a feel for what the Wild West was all about. Because of the open area, there are tons of different activities for those that are interested in something more physical.

Camping is a popular option for those visiting this part of the country as many of the sites to see are out in the midst of the desert or wilderness. When it comes to walking holidays for singles over 50s, those looking for something active and interesting will find the western portion of the United States an oasis of activity. A traveler needs to be fond of new experiences and some physical exertion to enjoy this type of tour.

Life in the South

The South tends to have just about everything. There are places that are historically significant and those with an interest in the past will be content. On the other hand, the journey tends to take travelers through a variety of different climates and a variety of different cultures. It is here that someone interested in seeing the true melting pot of the United States wants to be. The trip along the southern states of the South brings together various cuisines, different national monuments and a real sense of adventure. Touring through the southern region of the U.S. is a popular option for mature adults as it tends to take more time than other tours and is perfect for those getting ready to celebrate and enjoy retirement.

There are several different locations for travelers to choose from throughout the United States with each one having its own benefits and experiences. Individuals considering a vacation to the area should look at all of the different opportunities and figure out which is more appealing. Someone interested in touring historically significant areas will be more interested in the eastern coast while those wanting to rough it a little will want to see all that the southwest has to offer.


Tom Headway writes regularly on Caribbean sailing vacation options for a range of travel websites and blogs. He tends to focus his articles and posts on holidays for singles over 50s. He currently resides in the southwest while still maintaining an active travel schedule.