Activities to do in Maui with Kids

The Hawaiian island of Maui is without a doubt, the most kid-friendly and also one of the most beautiful of the Hawaiian islands. Maui is safe, has nice beaches and great ocean flora and fauna so, it's no surprise Maui comes up often as one of the top family destinations in the US.

Summer is an excellent time to travel to Maui, though Maui is great to visit all year-round because weather is pretty consistent. Whenever you plan to travel, be sure to add the following to your list of activities to do in Maui with kids:

Sugar Cane Train

If you or your children are into riding trains, Sugar Cane Train is something you must do. The Sugar Cane Train spreads all over Ka'napali and comes across from the Ocean Resort station in Westin Ka'anapali to Lahaina at various times throughout the day. This is one of the top activities to do in Maui with kids so, be sure not to miss it!

Ka'anapaali Beach

If you're looking for a spot to introduce your kids to the ocean, there's no better place than Ka'anapaali Beach. Ka'anapaali is one of the safest beaches in Hawaii and also one of the best spots in Maui for newbies to learn snorkeling. If you and your kids are new to snorkelling and want to learn, Ka'anapaali won't disappoint you.


Attending a Luau show is easily one of the most exciting activities to do in Maui with kids. If you don't know what a Luau is, it's a fantastic event where you get to watch local Hawaiian men throw and eat fire and perform cool trick.

Most hotels in Maui offer Luaus shows to their guests so it's just a question of inquiring times with the hotel you are staying at.

Haleakala National Park

Haleakala NP is without a question, one of the top national parks in the Pacific and one of the coolest place in Maui. this national park is home to Haleakala, which is a volcano-crater over 10,000-foot-high. The views from the crater are impressive, while the park offers nice camping and hiking opportunities for the kids to explore.

Maui Ocean Center

If you are a fan of ocean flora and fauna, you won't want to miss visiting this 75,000-gallon aquarium, which allows kids the opportunity to experience marine-life up close. Your kids will feel as the are swimming around with thousands of colourful fish, huge sharks and other sea beings. If swimming with marine life wasn't exciting enough, Maui ocean Center also offers you the opportunity to descend deep below sea lava caves to experience the intriguing depth of the ocean.

Whale Watching

Whale watching is not surprisingly one of the most popular activities to do in Maui with kids and a must in your itinerary. For the best whale watching opportunities in Maui, it's highly recommend to visit the Pacific Whale Foundation to be able to see these majestic creatures up close and personal. The Foundation isn't only a tourist attraction but also a research facility centre which means, you'll be able to learn and swim with cool ocean creatures.such as sea turtles and rays.

Maui Tropical Plantation

Maui Tropical Plantation is another must-do attraction to add to your family itinerary in Maui. There, you will able able to hop on a cool tram ride, which transports tourists throughout the stunning Maui island. Aside from the train ride, this place offers a ton of activities for kids such as ziplining, Hawaiian hula dancing, and cool live demonstrations such as crack-opening a coconut.

Air Maui Helicopter

While hiring a car in Maui is easily one of the best ways to explore the island of Maui, you cannot pass the opportunity to take an unforgettable flight on the Air Maui helicopter to tour Maui's amazing volcano landscape, as well as the pristine islands of Molokai and Lanai. If you've never been on a helicopter tour before, there's not better place to enjoy one than in Maui.


If you aren't afraid of heights, zip-lining through the forest roof is one of the coolest activities to do in Maui with kids. There are several zip lining companies in Maui you can go with, which include Skyline Eco-Adventures (in Makawao), Piiholo Ranch Zipline (in Makawao)  and Maui Zipline Company (in Wailuku)

Hawaiian Canoe

Ancient Hawaiians used to do island-hopping in boats originally known as Hawaii sailing canoes. Today, you and your family will be able to experience what ancient Hawaiians did as part of a tour through Hawaiian Canoe Adventures, which offers a 2-hour paddle boat tour of Wailea's ocean front.

Author Bio: Sarah Crompton writes for Passport UK and enjoys traveling to Hawaii, especially to Maui where she enjoys surfing and windsurfing.

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