Craziest Thrill Rides in the World: The Top 5

Amusement park rides have always been fun, especially thrilling. Coping with the adrenaline rush and enthusiasm you set into the ride of your life. If you enjoy heights, speeds and rounds, then here is something for you, the top 5 craziest thrill rides in the world.

Formula Rossa, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

It moves at 100 kilometers per hour and in just few seconds you would have raced the longest ride in a quick span. What could this be? A ride in a racing car that rolls like a roller coaster.

Yes, this by far is one of the fastest roller coaster rides launched by a hydraulic launch system. Located at Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. The roller coaster accelerates at a speed of 4.9 seconds setting your heart to pump at its peak. Formula Rossa stands as the longest roller coaster rides and scary too.

Stratosphere Insanity, Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas

Hanging right in the center of the stratosphere, this ride makes you go insane. It makes you go weak on the knees and dreadful! But distract yourself by the most rewarding sight from about 900 feet above the ground. This insanity ride is truly breathtaking and at the same time could be very horrifying. What can be scarier to be at 900 feet above ground in the middle of Las Vegas and to be spun at a 70 degree angle at 40 miles per hour!

Kingda Ka - Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey

Kingda Ka is considered as the tallest roller coaster ride of the world. Located at the Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey. A ride that will make your jaws drop for the blissful sight from 456 feet and you will have your heart in your mouth as this is not just any kind of a roller coaster ride. A ride that exhibits spinning action and propels at 128 miles per hour and returns at the same speed and starts with a 270 foot spiral. Experience the gushing of blood flow through your veins!

Colossus, Thorpe Park, United Kingdom

Colossus is the best in the United Kingdom. This happens to be a replica of a similar ride called 'Tenth Ring Roller Coaster' in China. Colossus is like a washing machine turned on and the people are spun at a great speed! This is a roller coaster of a kind as it goes backwards. Whoa... Now this can drive you crazy. Also, some extent of weightlessness is felt at the cobra roll.

Tower of Terror, Gold Coast, Australia

This ride is located at the Dreamworld amusement park, Gold Coast, Australia is one of the fastest and the tallest scary rides of the world. Speeding up to 100 miles per hour lies a horizontal series of tracks. A ride that blows off your mind and makes you scream your lungs out. Beware, as this is not for the weak hearted.

Strap yourself, pull up your socks and get set to scream out the terror in you and combat the fears.  Life is definitely a roller coaster ride. You just gotta ride it and love it!

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