Places You Have to Visit in UK

Things to See in the South East of England
With its wonderful castles, rich history, beautiful architecture, heavenly cathedrals and charming green landscapes, the UK is one of the most visited places in the world.

If you have always planned to visit, here it's a list of places you have to visit in UK:

1. London: A tour to the United Kingdom will not be fulfilled if you do not visit the London city. You can be able to look world well known big Ben, a big clock that stood the test of time and Westminster palace.

These are all best sights to visit. You should not miss the parks, restaurants and shopping centers in London, because it is a city which you must bypass.

2. Stonehenge: Some buildings in the world are like mysterious like the Stonehenge constructed more than 5000 years ago.

This big conglomeration of big stones created to fit together such as altars still stand a mystery to the people who see it. Till today, there is no one who known how these structures were constructed and what it was for.

3. Scottish highlands: There is no other method to commune with nature than to give your days in the Scottish highlands. In this place you can go hiking by the lengthy winding ways or visit kayaking by the raging rivers.

It was different fauna and flora that is the thing of the best epics regarding the knights of old. You can also visit certain huge fortresses of the traditional Scottish warlords and you will sense like you have stepped in to a romance book. You can visit to the Eileen donan castle; it is the place where the movies are filmed.

4. Bath: it is the place popular for its plenty of hot springs. You will view many baths that are right places to receive certain amount of relaxation and rest. You can also receive share of water and steam in the popular roman baths, the great bath themselves.

5. Wales: Boasting beautiful landscapes and fairy-tale castles, Wales is most certainly, one of the places you have to visit in UK because it is the castle country!

In Wales, you will see different types of castles of various sizes. You can find Caernarvon castle, beamer's castle and several others, and they contain parapets, towers and draw bridges, you can find everything in old fairytales, it is definitely a magical experience.

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