Why Should You Get Travel Insurance

The debate: to buy travel insurance, or to not?

Many of us have stopped to question this before taking off on that amazing vacation you’ve planned, but too many of us decide to not purchase it. Why is that?

Because too many of us believe we’ll be saving more money in the long run by not buying it before your trip.

This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Your travel insurance will help you when those unexpected “bumps” show up with your traveling plans, and you need someone to turn to. Not having travel insurance means you’re all alone when something comes up that you weren’t planning for.

Another main reason why people don’t purchase travel insurance is the main fact that they don’t really know what it does. Insurance is a boring and frustrating word that many of us try and stay away from. I can’t blame you—the last thing you want to do is worry about your insurance. But what’s better: having to pay out of pocket for any unfortunate happenings during your travel, or possibly getting out of it?

Uh oh—flight cancelled / delayed

We all put a lot of time and effort when planning a vacation, not to mention a lot of your money is put into it. Travel insurance will help you if the worst is to happen: a cancelled vacation.

There are many reasons why your trip may suddenly be cancelled:

  • Sickness 
  • A family member or friend passing away 
  • Suddenly having to work and not be able to leave
  • Jury Duty 
  • Weather damages to destination 

Those were just a couple of reasons why a trip may be cancelled. With your travel insurance, they’ll help reimburse you for any time not spent on your vacation, and can help restore that money you spent on a plane ticket and hotel cost.

Caught the bug

You’re abroad—and you get sick. This happens to a lot of travelers, especially when traveling overseas. You’re travel insurance company will help pay for:

  • Travel necessities to a hospital or having to go back home
  • Any medical bills 
  • Medicine payments 

Even if you do have a health insurance provider, it doesn’t always mean that you’re covered when you’re outside of the U.S. Would you want to risk you or a family member’s health if something were to happen?

Where’s my bag?

There is nothing worse than arriving at your destination to find that your bag didn’t make it with you.  1.8 million pieces of luggage were reported lost or stolen within the year of 2012, so it’s only a question of what 2013 will bring you. Having travel insurance for losing your luggage can greatly help you on your trip:

  • Cover any stolen or lost items in your baggage 
  • Provides money for necessary items for your trip until your luggage arrives 

Losing your personal belongings can be aggravating and disheartening. Having travel insurance can make sure you don’t end up staying locked up in your hotel, instead of hitting up that beach.

Forget the World 

With travel insurance, you can actually enjoy every second of your vacation. You won’t have to worry about the inevitable happening, because someone has your back if something were to happen.  Lie on the beach, drink that mojito, and turn off your phone.

Oh, and don’t forget to purchase that insurance.

Author Bio: Austin Crowley craves for travel. When he’s not helping with a vacation plan with Raleigh NC Insurance Agency, you can find him mapping out his next adventure.