4 Money Saving Tips in Morocco

Bustling with snake charmers and rug sellers, the most fragrant Mint Tea and Couscous and some of the most colourful markets in the World, Morocco is a must-visit for any kind of traveller.

With a perfect holiday climate all year round and culture and cities to explore beyond your heart’s content, Morocco has become a top destination for annual family holidays in Agadir, mountain trekkers in the High Atlas and romantic beach getaways in Essaouira. 
Naturally, you will want to bring back a few souvenirs, tagines and spices so it’s important to make every last Dirham count. With the help of these tips, you will be able to maximize your money saving the best way possible.

Don’t be fooled by Airport Bureaus

As with any holiday, the key to saving money before you've even left is to buy your travel money in advance. Try to avoid leaving it last minute to the airport as once you’re there, you’re captive and constrained to extortionate rates at the foreign exchange Bureaus. 

Unfortunately despite signs stating low commission, the rates offered by High Street Banks aren't any more favorable on your wallet. The best way to exchange your money and get the most bang for your buck is by using an online currency specialist. Websites such as MyTravelMoney.co.uk will find you the fairest and cheapest deals on your Moroccan Dirham and will even deliver them straight to your door the next day.

Master the art of haggling

One of the top 4 money saving tips in Morocco is haggling. No trip to Morocco is complete without diving in to a few Souks across the likes of Fes and Marrakech, and you will most likely find a few gems amongst the bustle and commotion. 

The owners of the small markets that line the alleyways and medinas are notorious for a game of haggling, so if you want to pay a fair price, you need to be up for the challenge. Items such as bracelets and lanterns and will start at a relatively high price and the idea is to consider the maximum price you would be willing to pay before hand. A good rule of thumb is to go down to about half of the initial price offered and if you find yourself a reasonable salesman, 50% of the asking price is still a profit they won’t refuse.

Book your car rental on arrival

Usually planning ahead of your holiday and booking extras such as car rental via the internet will save money but you will find that upon arrival at the airport in Morocco, you can use your haggling skills to decrease the price of the car rental substantially. Ranging from independent to international rental services, there will be a number of companies readily available to offer you cheaper travel around the country.

Avoid switching on Data Roaming

Travelling abroad can be a bit of a nightmare when it comes to checking your e-mails or wanting to upload your holiday snaps as you go. The best advice would be to keep your data roaming switched off, however you’ll be pleased to know that in Morocco there are a few other ways to get internet access as and when you need it. 

Being a pretty wired up country, you will find a CyberCafe on almost any street corner even in the smaller rural villages. At a very modest fee, you can scan your emails and chat to friends back home while enjoying a complementary cup of Mint Tea. Almost every hotel from 2* will offer Wi-Fi so if you’re planning on relaxing by the Hotel Pool all day, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Hopefully following some of these tips will save you a few Dirham here and there so that you can enjoy your trip to Morocco to the max!

Author Bio: Today’s guest post is written Sofia Kluge, a Morocco enthusiast who has just returned from a 2 week adventure fueled trip. 

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