Solomon Islands Popular Tourist Spots

Wondering about Solomon Islands popular tourist spots?

Just picture the Solomon Islands at dawn – You are savoring a glass of lime on your resort’s terrace, while small group of the Melanesians on their traditional canoes are rowing on the calm waters just in front of your hotel. Furthermore, beautiful chants from the nearby villages are soothing your ears. Paradise – Isn’t it?

This archipelago is renowned amongst the divers for its wealthy beaches that are blessed with marine biodiversity and underwater WWII wrecks. Scuba Diving is a popular attraction in the Solomon as there is so much to get amused underwater. However, there is much more, waiting to get unveiled – various islands of the Solomon gladly welcome the visitors to explore the uncultivated beauty and to get acquainted with the culture and lifestyle of the natives.

Langa Langa Lagoon

Without a doubt one of Malaita's beautiful highlights; Langa Langa Lagoon, spreading from seven to 32km south of Auki, is known globally for its artificial islands, mainly Laulasi, Alite and Busu. Expert traditional shipwrights find refuge on these artificial islands who construct large timber trading vessels that travel around the Solomon. The lagoon is also a centre for traditional activities, like shell-money making.

You can visit the lagoon for the laid-back tempo in the magical setting.

Lake Te'Nggano

It occupies a big part of Rennell Island and is the largest freshwater lake of the South Pacific - Te'Nggano is a world heritage site and one of Solomon Islands popular tourist spots. The cliffs surrounding the lake are the oldest reefs. The western end of the lake comprises of 200-odd coral islets and swamps, and mesmerizing Octopus Cave is located on the north side. The diverse array of wildlife found there are cormorants, boobies, and the Rennell white spoonbill. The unique Rennellese orchid is also a wonderful treat to the eyes.

Riba Cave

The tourists walk to the east of Auki for an hour to reach the wonderful Riba Cave. At this haunting cave, you will be welcomed by stalagmites, several huge subterranean chambers and an underground river. The path inside the cave is slippery hence it is desirable to wear a pair of sturdy shoes and also a carry flashlight.

Since the cave is on the private island, it is recommended to contact a guide who will take you to the location.

Bird Island

Visit the Bird Island to witness hundreds of cormorants, boobies and frigates. This island lets you have a fascinating sight of the colorful birds engaged in their activities. Although the water is milky and pea-green and there is no beach to dip.

Kwaibala Waterfall

Rejuvenate your senses by taking a dip in the refreshing water of the Kwaibala Waterfall. It is just 3km from the centre. There are modest cascades with some pools where a dip can be taken.

Central Market

Honiara’s marine life has made diving in the Solomon popular worldwide, but high-spirited Honiara’s central market also tickles the senses of the tourists. This food market is spread over a block between Mendana Ave and the seafront. The ambience of the market is filled with the fragrance of fruits and vegetables that are produced in the villages situated along the northern coast and from the Savo Island. You also have the option of buying Malaitan shell money, souvenir shells and jewelry. If you want to find the fish market, follow your nose.

National Parliament

If you come across any conical-shaped concrete building sitting atop the hill above Hibiscus Ave, it is the National Parliament. It will be fun to witness the proceedings from the public gallery. The Dome’s interior showcases a great tapestry of traditional art, which also include arching frescoes. The National Parliament was opened in 1993, and the building was funded by the United States of America (USA).

Get set not just to dive in the Solomon, but also experience the uniqueness in its various attractions.

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