Experience Wine Tasting in Tuscany

By Jennifer Martin

Are you a wine lover?

If yes, Tuscany will be most certainly a perfect holiday retreat for you. In fact, the central Italian region of Tuscany is one of the best destinations for wine sampling in the whole world and a Mecca for wine lovers.

Besides Tuscany's world-class selection of red, white and dessert wines, Chianti and Sassicaia wines are also famous in this picture-perfect landscape of Italy.

Often wine lovers visiting Tuscany prefer to book Chianti farmhouse for their stay and then explore the picturesque region by walking or cycling. However, Tuscany has a myriad of other wine areas too. Tuscany produces a great assortment of high quality wines, so deciding the places for your wine-tasting tours can be a challenging task. Following are some of the best wine areas of Tuscany:


Situated right off the charismatic coastline of Tuscany, Bolgheri is home to mouth-watering, full-bodied top-quality wines that are made from Syrah grapes, cabernet Sauvignon, Sangiovese and Merlot. In fact Bolgheri Sassicaia is one of the costliest and most popular wines in the world. It is made from Cabernet Sauvignon and cabernet franc.


Wines produced in Chianti are of the finest quality and they are one of the most sought-after wines in the world. Chianti is one of the first ever exporters of Wine in Italy. Chianti’s picturesque vineyards are dotted all over Tuscany, but if you are short on time you must not skip not visiting the wineries found in the heart of the Chianti region.

Greve in Chianti is a matter of an hour drive from the Tuscan capital Florence. It is home to many fairytale castles and vineyards stretching over miles. And while here, don’t forget to sample the popular medium-bodied red wine with flavours of cherry and nuts; it is made of Sangiovese grapes. Living in one of the Chianti farmhouse rentals is one of the best way to try the most authentic flavours of this enchanting Tuscan destination.


Arrive in the town of Montalcino and you are bound to make memories of a lifetime. A trip to this charming Tuscan town is meant for the complete Sangiovese experience.  Upon arrival, try its famous wine- Brunello Di Montalcino; it is perhaps the only wine made of the acidic and lightweight grapes.

However, it’s very expensive due to its pure composition and four years of aging process. You may also try some other wines produced locally such as Rosso Di Montalcino and Moscadello.


Montepulciano’s Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano, a dry, full-bodied red wine, is a perfect holiday delight for wine lovers. There are many stories regarding the origin of the name of the wine; some locals say that this wine was served only to the noble people of the area for up to many years, and this is why it’s name is ‘Vino Nobile’, meaning ‘Noble Wine’.

If you are planning to go on an exclusive wine-tasting tour in Tuscany, make sure you learn how to read the wine labels, some common vocab, etc. before you leave for the trip. Or you may take the help of a local travel agency to guide you and help you plan your travel itinerary.

Author Bio: Jennifer Martin currently writes on Posarellivillas. Jennifer is a great wine lover and it is her passion for Tuscan wines that drag her to Chianti again and again.
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