Exploring a Few Popular Tourist Spots in Goa

By Chandralekha

The natural scenic beauty of Goa has popularized tourism of Goa on a large scale all over the world. Visitors flock to the various tourist places in Goa from across the country as well as overseas to enjoy its varied culture, cuisines and the night parties.

One cannot visit Goa and not visit its sun kissed beaches. There are many beaches in Goa and one can differentiate one beach from another. In fact these beaches have different colors of sand too. A few of the popular beaches in Goa which are part of its popular tourist attractions are as follows-

#1 Arambol

This charming Goan beach is located fifty kilometres from Panaji, the capital of Goa. The beauty of the beach is captured in its golden sands which creates a stark contrast with its rugged cliffs, which stretch for a few miles long.


Harmal is the more popular beach located in the north portions of Arambol, while the second beach captures the vivid beauty of beautiful palm trees swaying amidst the calmness of the Arabian sea. This beach is one of the tourist places in Goa where the busy city traveler wants to soothe its senses before getting back to the urban jungle in a few days time.

Near the Harmal beach there is also a fresh water lake which has hot springs in it. People bathe in this lake to heal themselves and it is said that the water of this lake cures various skin diseases.

#2 Vasco

Vasco da Gama is named after the Portuguese traveler, who discovered Goa. The landscape is dotted in a stunning contrast of traditional and modern buildings and it is one of the busy ports of Goa. In short, this place is the perfect blend of old world charm and thriving modern day dynamism.

The Bogmolo beach in Vasco is an important node of tourism of Goa, where tourists of all ages enjoy adventure water sports like diving. When visiting Vasco do not forget to visit the National Aviation Museum which is one of the important tourist places in Goa for tourist, who loves the sea and the history of the Indian Navy to be more specific. You can in this museum see a few rare photographs that depict the glorious past of the Indian Navy and how it has played an important part to secure our country from its enemies.

#3 Mapusa

Mapusa is recognized for its beautiful planned out establishments and verdant gardens. It is one of the most popular tourist spots and when visiting the beach you would witness countless tourists sunbathing and enjoying the delicious local sea food hand in hand.

One of the most unique or perhaps the most unique event of this beach can be witnessed every Friday. The event is known as the Friday market and it has people from almost all over Goa assembling in Mapusa and selling their handicrafts and wares to the curious tourists. This market also showcases the various handicrafts that are made in rural Goa and one would get a snapshot of their simple life when visiting this event.

Apart from these popular tourist destinations there are other tourist places in Goa which is a must see for tourists in their first visit to Goa. These are the many churches, temples and wildlife sanctuaries which make Goa a unique holiday destination for the tourists around the world.

Author Bio:This guest post was submitted by Chandralekha who loves traveling and writing on tourist attractions, popular destinations in India such as Tourism of Goa.
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