Top 10 Must See Places in Venezuela

You will have many eyebrows raised when you tell people that you are planning a trip to Venezuela. Venezuela offers breathtaking natural beauty to travel connoisseurs. One of the greatest attractions of the place is the long sun-kissed beaches.

This is possible for the geographical location of the country as it has one of the longest coastlines of the Caribbean which extends up to almost 2800 kilometers! Exploring the country will let you know that Venezuela has myriad landscape features and good varieties of flora and fauna too. Once you land in Venezuela, you have umpteen places to explore in the country. Out of the many places of attractions in the country, here is a list of the top 10 must see places in Venezuela:

#1 Sierra Nevada National Park and Merida – Travelers visiting Venezuela cannot miss visiting the Sierra Nevada National Park. There are many peaks to which trekking can be done. Spell bounding sceneries of snow capped mountains and lakes can be viewed. Merida is one of the most prominent cities of Venezuela and is known for the highest cable car that gets down to Pico Espejo (15,700 feet).

#2 Margarita Island – The Island has two parts. While the eastern part is known for its urban culture with clubs, hotels and a beach, the western side offers nature at its best in the country with mountains, lagoons, swamps and large varieties of flora and fauna.

#3 Coro – Coro has colonial structures and buildings in Dutch and Spanish architectural styles. The sand dunes reaching to almost 40 meters are major attractions in the place.

#4 Canaima National Park and Angel Falls – Located in the south west part of Venezuela in Gran Sabana, the national park has many table top mountains and is also house to many species of animals including giant otter and giant anteater. Angel Falls is a natural wonder in the area where the water falls from a distance of 1000 meters from the mountain top.

#5 Mochima National Park – Various kinds of water sports activities like swimming, scuba diving, dolphin spotting and snorkeling can be enjoyed in Mochima.

#6 Los Roques Archipelago National Park – Paradise for snorkelers and scuba divers, this place has white sands and sapphire blue waters. It is also possible to explore wide varieties of marine and bird life in the stretch of coral islands.

#7 The Orinoco Delta –
The Orinoco Delta sees many small distributaries and rivers. It is possible to locate small crocodiles and piranha catfish while taking a boat trip in the delta.

#8 Los Llanos – The Amazon and the Andes are separated by the great grassland of Los Llanos. Wide varieties of animals and birds can be seen in the place. It is also a great destination for bird-watching.

#9 El Avila and Caracas – These are excellent hiking trails in the country. On reaching the summit, it is possible to view the whole city.

#10 Henri Pittier National Park – It is the first national park of Venezuela and a great trekking destination as well. There are many points to conquer in the park. The bathing pools are added attractions.

Reaching Venezuela 

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