Top Spots in Turkey for Summer Holidays

Turkey has several interesting places you can visit and numerous activities to enjoy. Enjoying its clear seas and sandy beaches, visiting different amazing landscapes and seeing the historical Ottoman mosques should be in the list of your options. The following are top spots for summer holiday in Turkey.


Best Golf Courses in Antalya
The Antalya region may well be the most deserving choice when you are planning your summer travel. You are able to treat yourself with a holiday in this land of unparalleled beauty, cultural richness and historical charm. This region basically provides you the Mediterranean flavor in terms of its landscape, climate and the whole atmosphere. This place is also known as Turkish Riviera because of its archeological and natural wealth.

Things to see in Istanbul in 2 days

Istanbul, also called the ancient city of Constantinople, means magnificence, grandeur and pleasure. This city, made famous by travelers, is now the country’s erstwhile capital and cultural heart. Surrounded by the Black sea and Marmara Sea, it’s situated on both Asia and Europe. The vital body of water which divides the city into two is the Bosphorus. This is the only alternative to reaching Mediterranean and Aegean seas. This strategic position provides Istanbul with its importance in the world. There are much to discover here through mingling with people and discovering its history, treasures and civilisation.

Best Party Destinations in Turkey

This is the most exciting and liveliest summer holiday spot in Turkey. This place is credited to be an ideal travel destination because of various ranges of pleasures it offers to tourists. Beginning with smiting natural beauty, modern facilities and historical charm and different adventure, Alanya is the place to be. It also teems with lively atmosphere, excited crowd strolling around the beaches, in streets, hotels and shops. You are welcomed by interesting Mediterranean landscape, amazing Turkish traditions and its historical wealth. This is the perfect exotic place for your summer tour.

Things to do on the Aegean coast of Turkey

The name means “dead sea” in Turkish language. Located close to Fethiye in Turkey, it’s a lake comprising of both lake and sea water. It’s a lagoon which has a sheltered location found at the base of Baba Dagi Mountains. It’s surrounded my pine forests. The remarkable combination of pebble, sand and turquoise blue water makes this place the most renowned and most photographed beach in the country. The Lycian way which is the longest in Turkey at 500 km from Fethiye to Antalya passes through Oludeniz.


This is the major attraction of Aegean region. This city is blessed with amazing beauty formed of strange deposits of calcium. Tourists from around the world flock to this location to see the natural marvel which is unique to the city. Its present name literally means “cotton castle” and is named justly after its beautiful limestone landscapes.


The remote and ancient city of Olympos-boasting of picturesque beauty, mystifying history and natural wonders is irresistible summer holiday in Turkey. It has everything to appeal to all kinds of visitors. Its location in the middle of a national park and surrounded by hills, and spread on both sides makes it a perfect choice for those looking for naturally formed beach, and a Champaigne climate for those looking for a relaxing summer holiday.

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