Planning a Euro-trip? Here Are Some Places You Should Visit in Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe is such an alluring travel destination. It packs superb capital cities, a varied culture, and a wealth of attractions that will leave travelers speechless. With such wide variety of options available it is nearly impossible to make a choice. The countries that comprise Eastern Europe are unique. Each and every single one of them is special in its own way. Here are some of the most incredible places you must include on your travel itinerary in case you’re planning a Euro-trip for this summer.


Poland’s capital and largest city, Warsaw, is commonly known as Phoenix City because it managed to survive many wars over the years. Nowadays, Warsaw is a beautiful mix of different architectural styles, varying from baroque and neoclassic to gothic and renaissance periods. While here you should begin with the Old Town. The superb gothic-inspired alleys and streets blend perfectly with the baroque palaces and local cathedrals. For some relaxation, visit Lazienki Park, a stupendous garden and palatial complex build in the 18th century.


Budapest is Hungary’s capital as well as Eastern Europe’s largest metropolis. It was ranked the 7th most peaceful place to start a life by Forbes and the 9th most beautiful in the whole world by UCityGuides. Budapest was created through a merger between two cities called Buda and Pest. The moment you’ll step foot on its streets you’ll be amazed by the surrounding natural beauty. Many of the city’s attractions are World Heritage Sites and are a must-see, including the Buda Castle Quarter, the banks of River Danube, the Millennium Underground Railway, and Heroes’
Square. Moving on to cool things one can do while in Budapest, you cannot miss out the geothermal springs in City Park, the largest system in the world and the most impressive.


Another beauty of Eastern Europe is Prague. The architectural city packs surreal cathedrals, impressive bridges, church domes, and gold-tipped towers. Once Bohemia’s capital, Prague takes great pride in its past. Many emperors and kings ruled the territory known at the time as The Roman Empire. Prague manages to mix the old and the new beautifully; the medieval center is defined by walled courtyards, cobbled lanes, countless church spires and outstanding cathedrals. As for the modern part, travelers have a wealth of modern restaurants at their disposal, as well as great art and music. Make sure to include Prague’s signature landmark on your travel itinerary, Charles Bridge, as well as Prague Castle, which is also one of the largest and most beautiful in the world.


Bucharest is the main capital of Romania, and also its largest city. Legend says that the metropolis used to be Dracula’s (Vlad the Impaler) summer royal court, as well as its resting place (in Snagov Monastery, which is 40 km away). In the early 20th century Bucharest started developing extremely fast from an architectural and cultural point of view. Nowadays, the city is more striking than ever before. Make sure to include the Botanical Garden, Parliament Palace, and the famous Herastrau Park on your itinerary. Thanks to its French influences on a cultural and social level, Bucharest gained a nickname - Little Paris.

Moscow is without a doubt Eastern Europe’s jewel. It is a modern, innovative and diverse metropolis where tourists will benefit from a wealth of activities and attractions. Packed with cultural, artistic, and historic places of interest, Moscow has something for everyone. Home to the famed Kremlin, the city is probably the most recognizable in the whole Europe. Blessed with surreal multi-colored domes, beautiful cathedrals and exquisite museums, travelers will definitely appreciate the city’s old-fashioned yet charming allure. Some of Moscow’s main attractions are Red Square, St. Basil’s Cathedral, Lenin’s Mausoleum and the National Museum of Russian Fine Art.

Eastern Europe is such an intriguing travel destination. It packs all sorts of attractions and places of interest that will delight the senses of avid international travelers. Whether you’re looking for some relaxation in Prague or you’d like to try out Moscow’s wild nightlife, this part of Europe is truly magnificent. Completely different from Western Europe, Eastern Europe is a lot more puzzling and intriguing. Check it out and you’ll be amazed with the places of interest, welcoming people, and wealth of different activities.

By Peter Smith and!

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