The Himalayas Is The perfect Family Destination

The Himalayas is the perfect destination for those families who are looking for something a little more challenging than your usual beach holiday. Too many, the massive mountain ranges of the Himalayas, capped by the mighty Everest, is the ultimate challenge - man against nature. Of course there are plenty of activities for those who are active but not ready to climb Everest! This amazing travel destination boasts with attractions and places of interest for every type of travelers; whether you’re a newbie trekker or an experienced mountaineer, these destinations will transform your trip into a memorable experience.

Ladakh – Little Tibet
This beautiful town sits high in the Himalayan hills, nestled against the mountains, sheltered by high passes. It is the classic image of the mountain setting; there are khaki valleys and huge rock faces with just a few splashes of green to add color to the setting. There are several Buddhist monasteries that still live according to the traditional values. They overflow with color and festivities at key times of the year and provide an amazing experience. Families can trek according to their level of experience or simply enjoy the huge landlocked lakes.

It is best to visit Ladakh between June and September and you can fly into Leh, although many prefer to drive over the high roads of the Himalayas to appreciate the stunning scenery. These roads are only passable in the summer months. There are several impressive monasteries which should be visited while you vacation her. You can drive to the ancient Hemis, Thikse and Lamayuru monasteries and enjoy a side trip to the amazing lake Pangong Tsowhich sits in the border with Tibet.

This is the best place to appreciate the magnitude and beauty if the North face of Everest. Again you can experience the traditional monasteries and meet the incredibly hospitable Tibetan people. One of the best trips starting here is the ten day land trip from Lhasa to Kathmandu. You will visit the incredible medieval monastery at Sakya and admire Buddhist relics at Gyantse.

The best time to visit Tibet is between mid May and September, you may need to fly to China and then take a second plane to Lhasa. Alternatively you can take the train from China to Lhasa; it is the highest train in the world.

For many years beautiful Nepal has been known as a trekker’s paradise and with good reason. This is one of the best starting points to explore the base of the mountains; there are an abundance of mountain trails which gradually weave their way into the mountains. You will be guaranteed a warm and welcoming bed for the night at one of the many villages on route; there are charming villages and lines of spinning prayer wheels to appreciate along the way. It is best to visit this beautiful country in March, April, October or November; it is also the best spot to trek to the Everest base camp, which takes about fourteen days there and back.
Bhutan is seen as the last surviving Himalayan Kingdom and visiting here is like going back in time. The locals still wear the traditional dress and their lives without the benefit of most modern technological advances. There are forests which have been established for thousands of years covering approximately seventy percent of the countryside and plenty of

remote villages to find and visit. There is a fixed minimum daily charge of US$250 per person; this helps to preserve the integrity and natural beauty of the area.

It is best to visit this area in March, April, September or October and a visit to the Paro Valley with its Tiger’s Nest hermitage is essential. You can, and should, drive to the Haa Valley, the capital Thimphu and see the monastery in Punakha; which also served as a fortress. There are several festivals celebrated by the monasteries throughout the year, if you visit during these periods you can witness a show you will never forget!

Explore a memorable holiday with your loved ones this 2016, and head over to the Himalayas. There are stunning places for everyone; surrounded by sheer nature and amazing traditions, the destination will become a memorable travel experience you’ll never forget.

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