7 Wonders Of The Himalayas

If you mention the word Himalayas most people will think of Mount Everest, the tallest mountain on the planet. However, the Himalayas are home to much more than just this mountain. They are situated between the Indian subcontinent and the Tibetan region. Everest itself; is between the Chinese border and Nepal. There are many places worth exploring this summer, so why not check out the wonders of Himalaya?

Himalayan River Valley

The Himalayan River Valley is where some of the most famous and largest rivers in the world are found. The Ganges is, quite possibly the holiest river on the planet, it starts next to the Indus and the Tsangpo-Brahmaputra rivers at the foot of the Greater Mount Kailash. This is a sacred place to any Hindu or Buddhist and an area of outstanding natural beauty. From this location you can see the snow capped foothills of the mountain ranges and valleys carpeted with flowers.


The Himalayas has an abundance of lakes which are worth seeing. Many of these lakes are fresh water and created by the frozen waters on the mountain ranges. Some of the biggest and most impressive lakes include Lake Manasarowar and Lake Rakshastal. There are even frozen lakes at high altitudes which is a sight you will not often see elsewhere! High altitude lakes include Sikkim Cholamu Lake and Gurudongma Lake.
Mountain Passes

There are some high altitude mountain passes which are accessible to almost anyone. They are generally dangerous but many of the passes have roads and have been essential in the past for the passage of goods, migration and even war. Some of the most famous are Dungri La Pass, Khardung La Pass and Chang La Pass.

The Wildlife

It may seem surprising that in such a cold, inhospitable spot there is actually an abundance of wildlife! Just as humans have learned to survive in a variety of conditions, so have animals. The snow leopard calls the Himalayas home, although this magnificent animal has been hunted to the edge of extinction. It is now a protected animal and the Himalayan Wildlife and Conservation Trust looks after them. You can also see the Himalayan Tahr, the Himalayn black bear and the magnificent red panda; one of the rarest and most shy creatures in the world.

This region of the Himalayas also offers some truly stunning flora and fauna, as well as some impressive birds, such as the Himalayan Quail, the Western Tragopan, the Black-Lored Tit and the Cheer Pheasant. There are also several birds of prey which can be seen circling around the mountain tops, these include the Golden Eagle, the Lammergeier vulture, the Mountain Hawk Eagle and the Griffon Vulture.

National Parks

There are over one hundred types of mammals, one hundred and eighty one birds, ten types of reptile and a selection of amphibians, mollusks and insects. These all live within the national parks and sanctuary’s of the Himalayas and is a treat for anyone interested in wildlife. Make sure to include the following on your adventurous itinerary: Hemis National Park, The Valley of Flowers, Namdapha National Park and Khangchendzonga National Park.

Himalayan Adventure

The rivers in this mountain range have become famous as the place to visit for the ultimate experience in white water rafting. Of course, there are also many opportunities to climb mountains and many people still ascend Mount Everest every year, you cannot be the first, but making the summit is a remarkable achievement. It is also possible to trek for miles, ski and even paraglide. This area is an adventure enthusiast’s playground!

Natural Beauty

If you pause to simply look for a few moments you will become aware that the Himalayas are one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Alongside the mountains and the carpets of flora and fauna are some of the most spectacular sun rises and sun sets in the world. Especially when you are already above the clouds!

Do something different for this summer and head over to India. Explore the Himalayan range and gaze at its wild and untouched beauty. Some of the treks are not as challenging as you might think; meet the beauty, visit the shrines and feel like a local for just a few days. You’ll be completely rejuvenated!

By Peter Smith and ShaktiHimalaya.com!