Fun Things to do in New Jersey

Fun Things to do in New Jersey
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If you are traveling to the Garden State for the first time, there are a myriad of fun things to do in New Jersey that range from camping along New Jersey State Parks and taking a stroll along Atlantic City's boardwalk to swimming and jet-skiing along the Jersey Shore.

New Jersey is also a popular destination for family vacations. If you are looking for popular family New Jersey spots, Long Beach Island is one of the most popular family vacation spots.

Long Beach Island is home to beautiful beaches where you can enjoy water activities such as para sailing, jet skiing, body surfing, etc; as well as visiting the popular Fantasy Island amusement park and Thundering Surf Water Park for a fun day out.

Fun Things to do in New Jersey: Outdoor Activities

* New Jersey is home to beautiful natural scenery to be explored. If you are looking for fun outdoor activities, hiking and mountain biking are two popular things to do in New Jersey in the outdoors.

Two of the best places to enjoy hiking trails are Stokes State Forest and Mahlon Dickerson Reservation.

* If you love gardens, wandering through the Bamboo Brook Outdoor Education Center is a great way to explore different types of native plants. The Bamboo Brook center also features hiking trails that wind through the fields and along the brook, where you can get lovely views and spot a variety of wildlife.

* Another popular spot in New Jersey where you can enjoy a wider variety of outdoor activities that include canoeing and bird spotting is Wharton State Forest.

Wharton State Forest is a lovely state park home to rivers and streams ideal for canoeing, unpaved roads ideal for hiking and mountain biking, and also, many lakes and ponds where you can enjoy spotting birds such as eagles, marsh hawks, ospreys, and more.

* Another popular attraction in New Jersey, which draws comparisons with the Stonehenge in England, is the Stone Living Room.

The Stone Living Room is located above the hill between the Bloomingdale and West Milford border and features a stone formation of chairs, tables, and fireplace representing a living room.

Fun Things to do in New Jersey: Places of Interest

* The Thomas Edison Museum, located in Menlo Park, is a great place to explore and learn about Thomas Edison inventions.

* If you are traveling with kids, the Liberty Science Center is one of the most popular fun things to do in New Jersey for families. The center has interactive exhibits, play areas for toddlers, science demonstrations and an IMAX theater.

* Twin Lights lighthouse, located in Highlands, is a popular destination, which offers great views of the shore of Sandy Hook State Park.

* Enjoying fun rides on Jersey Shore boardwalks are another popular thing to do in New Jersey, when visiting the state. (see vacation spots in New Jersey Shore)

Two of the most popular New Jersey Shore towns are Spring Lake and Point Pleasant.

Spring Lake and Point Pleasant are home to beautiful neighborhoods where you can enjoy some boutique shopping, as well as parks where you can enjoy a nice picnic with the family.

Fun Things to do in New Jersey: Festivals & Events

* Atlantique City Holiday Megafair, held in Atlantic City in October, is one of the largest indoor antique and collectibles show in the world, which brings together exhibitors from around the globe.

* The Victorian week festival, held in Cape May in October, is a popular event in New Jersey where locals dress-up in costumes from the Victorian Era. The festival also features a variety of events such as eating events, house tours, fashion shows and beer tasting events.

* The Cape May Jazz Festival, held in November, is another exciting and fun weekend event to attend in New Jersey where you can see Jazz artists from all across the USA.

* The Sherlock Holmes Weekend, held in November in Cape May, is perhaps one of the most popular fun things to do in New Jersey if you are a Sherlock Holmes fan.

If you are attending the Sherlock Holmes Weekend event for the first time, the event consists of looking for hidden clues located in strategic places in the city to resolve the given mystery.

Fun Things to do in New Jersey: Nightlife & Entertainment

Hoboken, located in Hudson County, is one of the most popular cities to hang out in New Jersey, and it is home to pubs, bars and live music venues such as the popular Maxwell’s.

If you are looking to enjoy the clubbing scene in New Jersey, some of the top nightclubs worth mentioning are:

* Casbah, located at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City.
* Centro, located 2080 Rte 35 in South Amboy.
* Jenks nightclub, located in Ocean Avenue in Point Pleasant Beach.

If you are exploring the night scene with the family, a popular place to go out for families is Medieval Times. Medieval Times features fun performance of knights and horses to entertain customers while they are dining.

Fun Things to do in New Jersey: Fun Attractions

Apart from enjoying fun rides on Jersey Shore boardwalks, one of the most popular fun things to do in New Jersey is visiting the renown Six Flags New Jersey.

The Six Flag theme park offer some of the best thrill rides in the world and some of the popular rides include Alcatraz the Ride, El Toro, Eruption and more.

Fun Things to do in New Jersey: Shopping

New Jersey shopping scene is a mix of shopping malls and antique shops. For instance, Lafayette Village is home to many antique shops all within a few blocks of each other.

Regarding shopping malls, Mall of Short Hills is one of the biggest shopping malls in New Jersey, where you can enjoy some designer shopping.

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