Top beaches in Massachusetts

Wondering about nice beaches to visit in Massachusetts?

Whether you’re looking for dog-friendly beaches, family-friendly beaches or beaches with great waves, there is no doubt that the south coast of Massachusetts boasts some of the best and warmest waters of the eastern seaboard!

We’ve got for you a great selection on top beaches in Massachusetts near Boston and along Massachusetts’s north and south coasts:

Revere Beach

Revere Beach is located in the town of Revere and it’s without a doubt, one of top beaches in Massachusetts as it’s only 15 minutes drive from downtown Boston MA.

Revere Beach boasts a nice sandy shoreline, a lovely paved boardwalk with beautiful old-fashioned street lamps, and great little attractions such as the original Kelly’s Roast Beef to sample some of their finest lobster rolls!

Top beaches in Massachusetts
places to visit in Massachusetts
Revere Beach is also home to the annual Sand Sculpture competition where you can see amazing sand elaborate sand works.

Buzzard's Bay

Next on our list of top beaches in Massachusetts is Buzzard's Bay, which is about an hour’s drive from Boston.

Buzzard's Bay may not be the closest beach to Boston, though the waters here are fairly warm and you’re only a stone throw from the beautiful Cape Cod Bay beaches.
Top beaches in Buzzard's Bay
top 10 attractions in Cape Cod
Buzzard’s Bay is also one of the most popular summer vacation spots in New England for a beach family vacation as the bay is home to lovely sandy beaches such as Monument Beach and Old Silver Beach, which boasts lots of amenities.

If you prefer a quite beach spot along Buzzard’s Bay, try Chappaquoit Beach or Wood Neck Beach which draw fewer crowds even during the high season.

Salisbury Beach State Reservation

Salisbury Beach State Reservation is located right on the tip of Massachusetts’ northern coast and next door to Salisbury Beach State Reservation.
Top beaches in Salisbury Beach
places to visit on the east coast of US
Salisbury Beach State Reservation is definitely one of the top beaches in Massachusetts to experience the outdoors. The reservation boasts camping sites ideal for tent or RV camping, as well as a nice area for saltwater fishing and boating.

Another great thing about Salisbury Beach State Reservation is that you’re only a short drive from Hampton Beach, which is one of the most popular beaches in New Hampshire (see interesting places to visit in New Hampshire).

Crane Beach

Crane Beach is easily one of the most popular beaches in Massachusetts, which isn't surprising as it boasts grassy areas and stunning sand dunes great for hiking!
Top beaches in Crane Beach

Crane Beach is located in the north coast in Ipswich, so you do expect cold waters here too. However, the shoreline and scenery is so pristine that it really makes up for the chilly waters. You're also allowed to walk your dog on a leash.

Crane Beach also boasts many beach amenities and hosts a fun sand sculpture competition in the first week of August.

Singing Beach

Singing Beach is located in Manchester by the Sea and it’s one of the top beaches in Massachusetts where you can enjoy a relaxing Sunday afternoon!

Singing Beach is fairly long car ride from Boston, though it’s easily accessible by commuter rail, which takes the hustle out of driving!
Top beaches in Singing Beach
Best Beaches on East Coast
Singing Beach boasts crystal clear waters and a pristine shoreline where you can enjoy fun beach activities like beach volleyball and sand combing.

Paine’s Creek Beach

Paine’s Creek Beach isn’t only one of the most popular beaches in Brewster, but also one of the top beaches in Massachusetts to visit with the kids.
Top beaches in Brewster Cape Cod
Paine’s Creek Beach is located on Cape Cod Bay so, you can expect lovely warm and calm waters, and at low tide you can go searching for fun critters.

Horseneck Beach

Horseneck Beach is another stunning beach in Massachusetts that is located in a state reservation.

Horseneck Beach is definitely one of the top beaches in Massachusetts, especially if you’re looking to enjoy outdoor pursuits and fun recreational activities like bird-watching, hiking, bodysurfing and boogie surfing.
Top beaches in Horseneck Beach
Horseneck Beach is located right on the tip of Massachusetts’ southern coast so you’re only 30 minutes drive from other great beaches in Rhode Island such as South Shore Beach (see interesting places to visit in Rhode Island).

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