Fun Things to do in Oregon

Fun Things to do in Oregon
Are you looking for fun things to do in Oregon?

There are a variety of fun things to do in Oregon where everyone can have a great time whether it’s enjoying the outdoors in the Oregon Coast, having a drink in one of Oregon’s trendy bars, taking walking tours of Portland historic areas or attending festivals such as the Portland Brewers Festival.

Fun Things to do in Oregon: Outdoor Activities

If you are an outdoors person or you are simply looking to explore the outdoors, the Oregon coast is a beautiful and ideal place to connect with nature and enjoy many outdoor activities.

Apart from hiking and biking, the Oregon Coast offers other fun things to do such as beach-combing, whale watching and kite flying.

The Oregon Coast is home to lovely wineries such as Flying Dutchman winery, Nehalem Bay winery and Shallon winery, where you can enjoy some brew tasting.

Also, the Oregon Coast is home to some of the most popular lighthouses in the pacific coast that are on the National Register of Historical Places. The Cape Meares and the Tillamook Rock Lighthouses are two of the most popular ones and two of the oldest.

Fun Things to do in Oregon: Fun Attractions

If you are looking for fun things to do in Oregon that involves spending time at a theme park enjoying thrill rides and other various rides, the Oaks Amusement Park is one of the most popular amusement parks in Oregon.

The Oaks Park has a lot to offer including kids rides and bumper cars, that the little ones can enjoy.

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is another great place where enjoy a fun day out. The Oregon Coast Aquarium has plenty of indoors and outdoor exhibits, and there are lots of areas where the kids can interact with some of the animals.

Fun Things to do in Oregon: Nightlife

When it comes to nightlife, Oregon's biggest city, Portland is home to lively and modern martini-type bars and a mix of dance clubs.

Two of the most best known bars in the city of Portland are BlueHour and Oba, popular amongst young professionals.

If you are looking for dance clubs, Santorini and Polyester are two popular clubs with a mix and diverse crowd of people.

Fun Things to do in Oregon: Cultural Attractions

Places of Interest

* The Oregon Historical Society offers a variety of historic and cultural information about Portland and Oregon

* The World Forestry Discovery Center is home to many exciting rides and exhibits.

* Washington Park is one of the largest parks in Portland and is home to the famous Japanese Garden, Hoyt Arboretum and rose gardens.


* The Southern Oregon Kite Festival, held in Brookings in the summer month of July, is an annual festival where you can see some of the best known kite fliers in the USA.

* The 45th Annual Sandcastle contest at Cannon’s Beach is another popular event, held in late June, where everyone can take part in building sand sculptures.

The Annual Sandcastle contest and the Southern Oregon Kite Festival are two of the most popular fun things to do in Oregon and a great way for everyone to enjoy a fun time outdoors.

Fun Things to do in Oregon: Shopping

Shopping is another popular fun thing to do in Oregon and since shopping is always tax-free in Oregon, the price you see on an item is the price you pay at the register.

You can find great shopping areas in the elegant Nob Hill, downtown Portland which is home to over six hundred department stores and the Hawthorne District, which is a popular place to shop for antiques and retro clothing.

Fun Things to do in Oregon: Dining

For a great dining experience, head to Portland’s Pearl District, which is home to sleek loft apartments, interactive art galleries and international restaurants.

Pearl District also features outstanding brewpubs and the world’s largest independent bookstore.

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