Inexpensive Family Vacations

Wondering how to make a family vacation an inexpensive one?

Not to worry, we got you covered!

As follows I've outlined some of the ways a typical family can embark on a quality cheap vacation without breaking the bank, as well as some destinations.

#1 Choose A Not So Popular Destination

 One of the best ways to enjoy an inexpensive family vacation is choosing a holiday destination that is off-the-beaten-path...or the very least, choose a destination that isn’t hugely touristy to avoid the "rip-off" tourist tag.

#2 Go the Camping Route

Camping in a state park with the family may not sound appealing at first, but it surely is a fantastic way to keep costs down. Not only that it's also as a fun way for the whole family to bond together.

Children of all ages enjoy the camping experience and because of the multitude of outdoor activities to keep the kids busy, you won’t have to worry about spending much money at all. Camping is a popular thing to do and a great idea to consider, if you’re looking for inexpensive family vacations

#3 Stick to the Dollar

If you’re planning to go abroad, choosing a destination that uses the US Dollar as their currency is another clever way to save some money on your family vacation.

#4 Go to Ecuador

If you’re looking for a family adventure vacation that is both fun and inexpensive, Ecuador offers plenty of activities that include hiking and biking through the stunning Andean Highlands. Also, Ecuador uses the US Dollar as their currency so you won't have to worry about currency exchanges.

Tip. The best time to enjoy a trip to Ecuador is between June and October.

#5 Stay off the Tourist Trail 

The Dominican Republic is easily one of the most touristy of the Caribbean Islands and a very popular destination among families too. However, the drawback is that it's super crowded and way to expensive.

The good news is that you can still enjoy a trip in the Dominican Republic by avoiding the tourist trail. Take for instance  the town of Cabrera. You can enjoy an inexpensive family vacation there for much less you'd pay in Punta Cana. Better still, Canbrera offers plenty of fun activities such as horseback riding, surfing in La Playa Grande beach and also hiking nearby to explore the rural Dominican life.

#6 How about Columbus Ohio?

Sometimes it's best to keep vacations nice and easy by staying at home. If you’re looking for an urban type destination which is inexpensive and in the US, the city of Columbus is a friendly and affordable family destination geared towards kids.

Columbus is home to the COSI center, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, and the Franklin Park Conservatory.

#7 Stay in Quebec City

Another vacation destination that offers plenty of indoor and outdoor activities for families is Quebec City, which is home to a myriad of attractions such as Valcartier Vacation Village, Expo Québec and Méga Parc.

Quebec City is also home to the SAQ New France Festival. This festival is awesome and  a great way to enjoy a role-play type family fun dressing up in period costumes.

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