Fun Things to do in Portugal

Portugal is one of the best international beach destinations in the world, home to some of the best places in Algarve where you can find some of the most popular cheap summer destinations in Europe.

Fun Things to do in Portugal
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Apart from clear skies and white sandy beaches, Portugal is home to many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Portugal is also one of the most popular destinations in autumn and one of the best warm places in Europe in November to travel.

Portugal is a great destination as it is within driving distance of tourist attractions in Spain. In fact, if you are staying in the town of Albufeira Portugal, it is only a couple of hours drive to Seville Spain attractions.

Fun Things to do in Portugal: Places of Interest

Fortress of Santa Catarina de Ribamar

Santa Catarina de Ribamar is a 17th century fortress located in Praia da Rocha in the Algarve. The fortress is open to the public and offers lovely views over the sea and the beach from one of its esplanades.

Monastery da Serra de Pilar

Monastery da Serra do Pilar, located in Gaia Porto, is a 16th century building and church which is a replica of one of the most popular tourist attractions in Rome Italy, the Church of Santa Maria Redonda.

Albufeira Old Town

The Albufeira Old Town is another interesting place where you can explore historic landmarks. The Old Town is home to the Bell Tower and the 19th century Clock Tower.

The city of Evora

The city of Evora, is one of the best places in Portugal to soak in Portugal’s rich history, and explore a wealth of landmarks, which includes a temples such as the Diana Temple and churches such as the Church of Sao Francisco.

The Old Town of Faro

The Old Town of Faro is another great destination if you are looking to explore more historical sites. The town is home to Central Cathedral or ‘Se Catedral’, and Arco da Vila or ‘Arch of Vila’ built in the 19th century.

The city of Porto

The city of Porto is another destination to add on any Portugal itinerary. Porto is home to a thriving Wine industry which has its hub in Vila Nova de Gaia. Gaia is home to many port wine lodges, over 200 years old, which offer tours of their cellars where you can learn about the wine making process.

While you are in Gaia, you may also want to check out the Port Wine Museum where you can learn more about how port wine came about.

Fun Things to do in Portugal: Beaches

Praia do Tonel

Praia do Tonel, located in Algarve, is a great beach where you can enjoy wind water sports such as para-sailing and surfing.

Praia da Luz

Praia da Luz, located west of Algarve, is a popular beach resort among families due to its many amenities and its closeness to the town of Lagos, which is only a ten minute drive.

Meia Praia 

Meia Praia, located nearby the town of Lagos, is another popular beach resort as it has a wide bay which protects the beach from rough waters making an ideal destination for families with young kids. Meia Praia is also home to strong winds ideal for wind sports such as kite flying, paragliding and windsurfing.

Praia Figueiras

Praia Figueiras is a great secluded beach and one of the best beaches to head to if you are looking for peace and quiet.

Praia da Rocha

The Praia da Rocha, located also in the Algarve region, is perhaps one of the most scenic beaches in Portugal and also one of the busiest. Beautiful cliffs and large rock formations give this beach a picturesque appeal that you won’t find anywhere else.

Fun Things to do in Portugal: Shopping

Shopping is one of the most popular fun things to do in Portugal and the country is renowned for its hand-made crafts and knit wear that include embroidered linen, jewelry and pottery.

Portugal offers a variety of shopping opportunities and all Portuguese towns are home to boutiques shops and markets where you can enjoy souvenir shopping.

For instance, Baixa de Faro is a charming town home to boutique shops and nice jewelry stores. If you are looking for more upscale shopping, the Chiado district, in the city of Lisbon, has many high-end shops and small boutiques where you can enjoy designer shopping.

Fun Things to do in Portugal: Festivals & Events

* The Festas de Cidade e Gualterianas or ‘City Festival and Gualterianas’, held in early August, is a week long festival that features live music, bullfights, parades, and more.

* The Jazz Festival, held in Guimaraes in November, is a fun event for jazz enthusiasts as it showcases new talent, and brings jazz artists from all around the world.

* The ‘Festival do Marisco’ or Seafood Festival, held in August, is one of the most popular fun things to do in Portugal in terms of fun events. The event features live musical and an extensive variety of seafood which you can sample.

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