Fun Things to do in Scotland

Fun Things to do in Scotland
Scotland is home to some of the most stunning scenery in the world, many castles and historic sites.

Undoubtedly, there is many fun things to do in Scotland and a trip here offers you a chance to explore and experience Scotland’s rich history, customs and traditions that will leave you lasting memories of this magical and unique county.

If you are traveling from a large country such as the USA it is good to remember that Scotland is a small county that can be driven across it in a few hours. This means, you can explore also the Welsh county, as well as holiday destinations in England  such as the city of Bath England.

Fun Things to do in Scotland: Outdoor Activities

Perhaps, one of the best ways to get a feel of the Glencoe mountain scenery is by taking a train ride on the famous West Highland Railway. In fact, the West Highland Line is one of the most popular fun things to do in Scotland to soak in the Scottish scenery.

A ride on the West Highland Line, which links Mallaig to Glasgow, takes you through wonderful scenery that includes the famous 21-arch viaduct at Glenfinnan. The train ride also offers great views of the Ben Nevis Mountains and the isles of Eigg, Muck and Rum.

GlenCoe is also a great place where you can explore the highlands of Scotland. Glencoe’s beautiful mountain scenery is an ideal place where you can enjoy mountain biking, horseback riding, and fishing.

Rannoch Moor is another beautiful place in Scotland home to the ancient forest of the Caledonian, where you can explore Moor’s flora and fauna and wildlife such as red deer.

Fun Things to do in Scotland: Places of Interest

Knap of Howar Historic Site

At Knap of Howar on the Orkney island of Papa Westray, you can find two stone built houses which are the earliest North European dwellings known, dating back to around 3800 years BC.

Skara Brae Village

Skara Brae village, also located on the Orkney Island, is one of the most visited ancient sites and regarded as one of the best places to visit Europe. The village consists of eight dwellings, linked together by a series of low, covered passages.

Doune Castle

Doune Castle, where parts of the ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’ was filmed, is a 14th century castle where you can explore amenities such as the Lord’s Hall, the castle gateway and more.

Craigmillar Castle Ruins

If you are looking for another landmark off-the-beaten-path, Craigmillar Castle is a 15th century castle where visitors are allowed to explore freely the castle’s endless hallways and staircases.

The Old Town of Edinburgh

Visiting the medieval town of Edinburgh is one of the most popular fun things to do in Scotland. You can walk down the narrow streets and closes while exploring charming pubs, specialty shops and historic landmarks such as the Royal Mile, St. Giles Cathedral, and the graveyards of Greyfriars Kirkyard.


If you are a Harry Potter fan, the area of Glencoe makes for a perfect destination to explore. Parts of the filming of the third Harry Potter movie took place in the area near the bottom of Clachaig Gully.

Glencoe Visitor Centre

The Glencoe Visitor Centre is another popular place to visit while exploring the Glencoe area. The center offers interactive presentations on how the glen was formed, as well as fun activities for adults and children.

Fun Things to do in Scotland: Festivals & Events
* Edinburgh Fringe, held in August for three weeks, is a popular summer event. In terms of events, the Fringe is one of the most popular fun things to do in Scotland during the summer, as the event feature many theater performances and comedy shows.

* Edinburgh International Film Festival, held in late June, is a great event where you can catch both UK and international movie premieres, as well as film-makers work exhibits.

* The Edinburgh Military Tattoo, also held in August, is one of the most prestigious events in the United Kingdom. This event features international military bands as well as the British Armed Forces in spectacular performances.

Fun Things to do in Scotland: Shopping

Apart from visiting historical landmarks, shopping for souvenirs is one of the most popular fun things to do in Scotland. In fact, the city of Edinburgh is one of the best places in Scotland for shopping due to the variety of shops at hand.

Two of the most popular items to shop for are knitwear such as Scottish cashmere sweaters, and Scottish shortbread.

You can also shop for antiques and gifts made in Scotland such as Scottish bagpipes, kilts and tartan woolen products all made in Scotland.

Fun Things to do in Scotland: Nightlife & Entertainment

Scotland is renowned for its musical heritage and live music is very popular here. Some of the best places to soak Scotland’s musical heritage is in pubs and bars across the country.

For a different experience, attending a Scottish traditional dancing venue such as 'Ceilidh' is another of the popular fun things to do in Scotland entertainment-wise. In fact, going to a Ceilidh makes for a different and fun night out, where you can soak in some Scottish culture.

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