Fun Things to do in Cyprus

Fun Things to do in Cyprus
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The Island of Cyprus is located east of Greece, south of Turkey, west of Syria and north of Egypt, and it is a country blessed with beautiful beaches and natural scenery, as well as a wealth of historic landmarks such as the Villa of Theseus found in the town of Paphos.

Fun Things to do in Cyprus: Fun Outdoor Activities


Apart from the amazing beaches, one of the most popular fun things to do in Cyprus is to explore the island’s natural scenery.

One of the best places to enjoy hiking is on the Troodos Mountains. The mountains offer many walking trails that lead up to old villages, monasteries and churches that were built here during the Byzantine era.

Another popular trail in Cyprus is the Aphrodite Trail located near the town of Polis in the Akamas Peninsula. The Aphrodite Trail is a five mile trek and offers stunning views of the Akamas coast.


Between January and March it snows on the peaks of the Troodos Mountains, so those of you traveling to Cyprus can also enjoy skiing.

The highest point in the Troodos Mountains is Mount Olympus, which is where you’ll find the ski resorts. The Mount Olympus Ski resort, Sun Valley and North Face, has three T bars, one chairlift, and seven runs.

Wild Flower Picking

If you are interested in wild flowers, one of the most popular fun things to do in Cyprus in early spring is to go wild flower picking.

The spring wild flowers in Cyprus are simply beautiful and you can find rare types of wild orchids only found in Cyprus.

Snorkeling and Turtle watching

If you interested in wildlife spotting, Lara Bay (located north of Paphos) is home to crystal clear beaches where you can enjoying swimming and snorkeling. Also, along the bay, you can explore the protected turtle sanctuary of loggerhead turtles.

Fun Things to do in Cyprus: Cities of Interest


If you are interested in history, (more specifically Greek mythology) you will enjoy a visit to the town of Paphos.

A visit to the town of Paphos is one of the most popular fun things to do in Cyprus, as the town is home to an archeological site where you’ll find the famed remains of the Villa of Theseus, as well as an impressive mosaic still intact.


The town of Larnaka, located in southeast Cyprus, is another popular tourist attraction and another great place to catch a glimpse of ancient Cyprus.

In Larnaka town, you can find the Larnaka Archeological Museum and the 17th century Larnaka Fort.


The town of Limassol, located in the south of Cyprus, is one of the biggest cities in the Island and it is home to a number of museums and archaeological sites.

For instance, the medieval castle of Limassol is a great place to see 18th century cannons, paintings, art-crafts and tombstones.


The town of Nicosia is the capital of Cyprus and the place where you’ll find some of the finest museums in Cyprus.

On of the most popular tourist attraction in Nicosia is the Liberty Monument, which is located in Eleftheria (Freedom) Square. The monument consists of bronze statues which commemorates the release of the EOKA freedom fighters.

Fun Things to do in Cyprus: Shopping 

One of the most popular fun things to do in Cyprus is to shop for traditional Cypriot goods.

Apart from charming traditional shops, the island is also home to boutiques and shopping malls where you can enjoy some retail shopping. If you intend to do upscale shopping, the capital city of Nicosia is where you’ll find the trendiest shops.

For retail shopping, all the major cities in Cyprus have at least a shopping mall. For instance, Nicosia and Limassol are home to the Mall of Cyprus and the Tiffany shopping mall respectively.

If you are buying souvenirs and gifts to take home, Cyprus villages are the best place to shop for local goods such as handmade woven goods, ceramics and wines. For instance, the village of Lefkara is a great place where you can get all sorts of handmade goods.

Alternatively, the capital city of Nicosia is home the Cyprus Handicraft Centre which sells official local arts and craft.

Fun Things to do in Cyprus: Dining

If you are traveling to the island for the first time, one of the most popular fun things to do in Cyprus is to enjoy a Cyprus meze meal at a local village.

Cyprus meze consists of different bite-size meals prepared in ceramic dishes that can range from salads, grilled haloumi, smoked pork, beef and rabbit.

Fun Things to do in Cyprus: Nightlife & Entertainment

The vibrant nightlife in Cyprus is what brings many visitors to this charming island.

Ayia Napa is undoubtedly one of the most popular places to find discos and nightclubs such as the famed Club Emporio. Ayia Napa is also known as a ‘clubbing capital’ similar to Ibiza Spain, and if you enjoy UK grime, garage and house music, Ayia Napa is the place to be.

The town of Paphos also has a fantastic young nightlife with many of the bars and clubs located along bar street.

Those of you looking for a more relaxed night scene, the Protaras area in the Paralimni district is home to many resorts which are couple and family orientated.

Fun Things to do in Cyprus: Events & Festivals

The Limassol Carnival

The Limassol Carnival, held in Limassol in August, features flamboyant street parades reminiscing of the Sao Paulo carnival in Brazil. The carnival is also a great event for the whole family to attend as there are fun children competitions.

Wine Festival of Cyprus

The Wine Festival of Cyprus, held in September in Limassol, is a great and fun event where you can sample some of the finest wines in Cyprus.

Limassol Beer Festival

The Limassol Beer Festival, a three-day event held in July in Limassol, is another fun event where you can enjoy a variety of Cypriot beers and imported beers, as well as live music.

Cyprus International Fair

The Cyprus International Fair, held in May in Nicosia, is home to an amazing variety of exhibits and exhibitors from the USA, Romania, Spain and others.

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