Fun Things to do in Tasmania

The Island of Tasmania (formerly known as Van Diemen's Land) is located on the southernmost part of Australia and is home to stunning natural formations such as the Devil’s Kitchen and the Tasman Arch found in the Tasmanian Peninsula.
Fun Things to do in Tasmania

Tasmania is an outdoors enthusiast's paradise primarily and other fun things to do in Tasmania include visiting the historic buildings and landmarks from Australia’s colonial past.

Apart from enjoying the natural scenery and the many fun things to do in Tasmania, the Island is also an ideal holiday base for trips to Australia and New Zealand.

Fun Things to do in Tasmania: Fun Outdoor Activities


Hiking is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular fun things to do in Tasmania.

One of the best places to enjoy the natural wilderness is at the Hartz Mountains National Park, located just an hour’s drive southwest of Hobart. At the park most people enjoy the four hour walk to the summit of Hartz Peak, which offers stunning views of the area around.

Another great area that offers fantastic outdoor opportunities is at the Tasman National Park, which is located in the Tasmanian Peninsula (just a couple of hours drive from Hobart). The Park is a great place to enjoy hiking, camping, boating, fishing and swimming.

Scuba Diving

Tasmania’s southern east coat is home to some of the best diving sites in the world. Those of you interested in exploring Tasmania’s marine and coral life will find some of the best diving sites at Eaglehawk Diving Center.

The center is located in Eaglehawk Neck (just an hour’s drive from Hobart) and offers a diversity of scuba diving opportunities such as exploring the Waterfall Bay caves.

Winery Tour

Visiting a winery is another of the popular fun things to do in Tasmania for first time visitors.

Apart from being able to sample fine Tasmanian wine and learn how wine is made, a winery offers beautiful views and a relaxing atmosphere where you can take a peaceful stroll.

Those of you staying in the city of Hobart can enjoy a winery tour at Moorilla Estate Vineyard, which is only a twenty minute drive northwest of Hobart.

Fun Things to do in Tasmania: Places of Interest

Seahorse World

Seahorse World is another interesting place to visit in Tasmania, especially if you love marine life. At the center, you can see thousands of seahorses, and visitors get a fantastic guided tour that explains the different types of seahorses there is.

Richmond Town

Visiting Richmond Town (located within a short drive of Hobart) is like stepping back in time. Taking a tour of this historic village is one of the most popular fun things to do in Tasmania.

The highlights of visiting Richmond Town include a visit to the oldest bridge and the oldest jail in Australia

Port Arthur

Port Arthur, located in the Tasmanian Peninsula, is another popular tourist attraction in Tasmania and a great place to catch a glimpse of Australia’s colonial period.

Port Arthur is home to many historic buildings, as well as the ruins of a 19th century British prison settlement, where visitors can explore the old jail cells.

Fun Things to do in Tasmania: Shopping and dining

One of the best places to hang out and enjoy a bit of shopping in Tasmania is in Salamanca Place in the city of Hobart.

Salamanca Place is home to many lovely shops, pubs and restaurants. At the weekend, roads leading to Salamanca Place are closed as Salamanca Place turns into the Salamanca Market. The market is a great place to shop for local produce, as well as handmade goods for gifts and souvenirs.

Fun Things to do in Tasmania: Nightlife & Entertainment

Those of you looking to enjoy a bit of nightlife during a vacation in Tasmania, the city of Hobart it’s the life and soul of Tasmania.

As mentioned earlier, Salamanca Place has many restaurants and pubs but the waterfront is also a great place where you can enjoy a nice drink out.

Fun Things to do in Tasmania: Festivals & Events

Richmond Fair

Richmond Fair, held in Richmond Town in March, is a popular event in Tasmania where you can enjoy culinary events, traditional Tasmanian music and kids activities.

Bloomin Tulips Festival

The Bloomin Tulips Festival, held in the town of Wynyard during the spring, is a fun event where you can find local arts and craft, sample delicious foods and enjoy different types of competitions.

Hobart Summer Festival

The Hobart Summer Festival, held in Hobart in late December, is one of the most popular Tasmanian events and a great event for anyone to attend. The event spans over ten days and involves fireworks, fun competitions, kids’ activities and all sorts of cuisine delights.

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