Fun Things to do in Izmir Turkey

Fun Things to do in Izmir Turkey
Izmir Turkey is the second largest port city in Turkey after Trabzon Turkey. The city is a modern and cosmopolitan city divided into districts, each of them, with its own influences and character.

Apart from the many fun things to do in Izmir Turkey, the city is an ideal holiday base for exploring nearby mainland Greece and  things to do in Mykonos Greece.

Fun Activities

Hot-spring Spa

Enjoying a therapeutic bath during your visit to the port city is one of the most popular fun things to do in Izmir Turkey.

For instance, The Balçova hot springs, located on the Balçova district, is one of the most popular hot-spring spa in Izmir Turkey.

Turkish Baths

Experiencing one of the famed traditional Turkish Baths is another of the popular fun things to do in Izmir Turkey.

Day trip to a Greek Island

Taking a day trip to one of the Greek Islands is another great thing to do during a vacation in Izmir Turkey. For instance, most people take the one hour bus ride to nearby Kuşadası and then ferry out to the Greek Island of Samos.

Go-Karting and Ice-Skating

Apart from enjoying some retail shopping, Forum Bornova shopping mall is a great place to enjoy go-karting and ice-skating.

Places of Interest

Izmir Clock Tower

The Izmir Clock Tower, located in Konak square, is a beautiful Turkish landmark, which offers beautiful views, especially at night when the tower is lit up.

Kadifekale Fortress

Kadifekale fortress, located nearby Konak district on top of Kadifekale hill, is another top tourist attraction in Izmir, which offers lovely vistas of the Gulf of Izmir and the city.

Jewish Interest Sites

Those of you interested in visiting the Jewish interest sites in Izmir Turkey, Izmir Bazaar, Alsancak and Karatas are the places where you'll find traditional and modern Jewish synagogues.


Shopping at a Turkish bazaar for local Turkish crafts is one of the most popular fun things to do in Izmir Turkey. For instance, the massive Izmir bazaar is one of the best places to find local hand-made goods that include rugs and bronze crafts.

Those of you interested in retail shopping will enjoy a visit to Ege Park shopping Mall which is located in Mavisehir district, and has over one hundred department stores to choose from.

Another popular place to enjoy shopping is in the Bornova district. The district is home to Forum Bornova and Park Bornova shopping malls, where you can enjoy shopping, as well as arcade games and bowling centers.


If you are traveling with kids and are interested in fun family outdoor activities, the Bornova district is home to over one hundred parks which feature kids’ playing areas.

Nightlife & Entertainment

Izmir Turkey has a buzzing and an exciting nightlife with a variety of bars and clubs to choose from. For instance, the Alsancak district nightlife is known for its charming bars that have theme nights that feature hip-hop and salsa nights.

Those of you interested in a night out at a theater, the Bornova district is also home to a few theater complexes such as the one located in Uğur Mumcu Park.

Events & Festivals

Izmir International festival

The Izmir International festival, held during June and July, is a popular event where you can see a variety of art performances such as orchestras and plays.

The İzmir International Fair

The İzmir International Fair, held annually in September in the Kültür park, is another fun and interactive event where you can see expositions on food and electronics.

The Izmir European Jazz Festival

The Izmir European Jazz Festival, held in March, is a popular event that brings together jazz artists from Europe and Turkey.

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