Things to do in Cagliari Sardinia

If you are traveling to Cagliari Sardinia for the first time, Cagliari is home to one of the oldest districts in Europe - Castello - where a stunning Roman Amphitheatre can be found.

Things to do in Cagliari Sardinia

Besides Cagliari's Amphitheatre, there are many other great places to visit in Cagliari and things you can do in Cagliari such as:

Things to do in Cagliari Sardinia: Beaches

Beaches near Cagliari City Center

Poetto Beach

Poetto Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Cagliari and it is located a couple of miles away from the city center. The beach is home to beautiful crystal clear waters and beach facilities such as toilets and restaurants.

Quartu Helena Beach

Quartu Helena Beach is located along the same strech of sand as Poetto Beach and it is also home to bars and restaurants.

Quartu Helena Beach is also home to the tower of Cargangiolas, which is a 16th limestone tower near the shore line that have been reduced to ruins.

Beaches near Pula Town

The Beach at Nora

The Beach at Nora, located near the town of Pula, is a beautiful crystal clear beach. If you are visiting this beach, the Roman ruins of Nora are nearby and are worth checking out.

Chia Beach

Chia Beach, located 10 miles from Pula Town, is a beautiful sandy beach with lovely sand dunes, crystal clear and shallow waters ideal for families with small kids.

Tuerredda Beach

Tuerredda Beach, located in Teulada nearby Chia, is one most popularl beaches in Sardinia, and also one of the most beautiful ones. The beach is home to white sandy beach and crystal clear waters.

Things to do in Cagliari Sardinia: Outdoor Activities

Winery Tour

The island of Sardinia is renowned for being home to many famed wines such Vino Nero (Black Wine) renowned for its many antioxidants and longevity properties.

One of the most popular wineries located nearby Cagliari is the famed Argiolas Winery, which is located north of Cagliari in the Serdiana area (30 minute drive from Cagliari).

Bicycle Tour

If you are looking for fun ways to explore the city apart from car rental, taking a bicycle tour is one of the most popular things to do in Cagliari Sardinia.

You can either book a guided tour with one of the companies in Cagliari Sardinia or if you prefer to venture out on you own, you can hire a bike for as little as $60 a week.

Water Sports

If you love water sports, Tuerredda Beach and Chia Beach are two of the best places near Cagliari where you can enjoy water activities such as scuba diving, windsurfing and more.

Poetto Beach is also home to the Harbor of Marina Piccola where you can rent surf boards and boats.


One of the best places in Sardinia where you can explore the outdoors and spot the Sardinia deer is at the Nature Reserve of Monte Arcosu, which is reached within a 40 minute drive from Cagliari City Center.

It is free to enter the reserve if you are a resident, other wise it’s around $5 to get in. Also, if you wish to spend the night there, the reserve is home to guest rooms which you can rent for around $20 a night.

Another place where you can enjoy hiking and explore Sardinia’s fauna and flora is at the Tuaredda Island, which is located opposite Tuerredda Beach in Teulada.

The island is not far at all from the beach and can be reached swimming. Once you get to the island, you’ll be presented with lush vegetation.

Things to do in Cagliari Sardinia: Places of Interest

Ruins of Nora

Visiting the ruins of Nora is one of the most popular things to do in Cagliari Sardinia.

Nora, located 20 miles south of Cagliari (near Pula) is an archaeological site home to many Roman ruins such as a Roman Amphitheater, a Roman forum, Roman thermal baths and the Temple and Sanctuary of Aesculapius.

Cagliari Old Quarter: Castello District

The city of Cagliari is home to the Old Quarter of Castello District, which is the oldest medieval street in Sardinia.

If you are visiting the city for the first time, a stroll along Castello District narrow streets is one of the most popular things to do in Cagliari Sardinia.

Along the Old Quarter, you will also find a few attractions such as the:

• Basilica of Santa Maria (Saint Mary Cathedral)
• The National Archaeological Museum
• The Lion’s Gate
• Viceroy Palace (Royal Palace)

Stampace District

Stampace is one of the oldest districts in Cagliari and also home to a few churches such as Saint Anne and Saint Restituta churches.

Apart from modest buildings and churches, Stampace district is home to a Roman Amphitheater and the Roman Dweling of Villa Di Tiggelio.

San Benedetto Market

A visit to the San Benedetto market is another must-add attraction in your Cagliari Sardinia itinerary. The market is heart and soul of Cagliari and it’s here where you can soak in local culture and seeing how locals interact.

Things to do in Cagliari Sardinia: Shopping

For traditional shopping, the Villanova and Castello Districts are two great places where you can find many local craftsmen selling handmade goods such as paintings, figurines and jewelry.

If you looking to buy local produce, San Benedetto indoor-market is a great place where you can get anything from fruits, vegetables and fish.

Another popular shopping experience in Cagliari Sardinia is bargaining at one of the Sunday flea-markets such as at Piazza Trento.

Things to do in Cagliari Sardinia: Nightlife & Entertainment

The night scene in Cagliari is concentrated in the historic districts of Marina, Stampace and Costello where you can find many bars and clubs.

The summer months are one of the best times to travel to Cagliari and enjoy the nightlife. Places such as Poetto Beach have many bar terraces overlooking the sea, while Costa Smeralda is a great place to catch live music venues.

If you are into performing arts, Lirico theater (Teatro Lirico) offers weekly opera and ballet performances.

Things to do in Cagliari Sardinia: Events & Festivals

Sailing Regattas

If you are a regatta enthusiast, Poetto Beach is home to three of the most popular water events in Sardinia. The annual sailing regattas include: the 60-foot Italian Open Championship, the Tiscali Cup and the ‘Vela Latina Mediterranea’.

Carnival of Cagliari

The Carnival of Cagliari, held in February, features a procession of floats as well as flamboyant costumes, reminiscent of the carnival in Sao Paulo Brazil.

Saint Efisio Festival

The Saint Efisio Festival, held in May, is one of the most important religious festivals in Italy. The event features pilgrims in period costumes carrying the statue of Saint Efisio through the city.

Tip.Cagliari Sardinia is located east of the Island of MallorcaBarcelona in Spain and Southwest of Rome Italy and Palermo Sicily.

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