Things to do in Kusadasi Turkey

Things to do in Kusadasi Turkey
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The port city of Kusadasi, located along the Turquoise Coast, is home to beautiful beaches and Roman ruins such as the ones found in Ephesus and Didyma.

Apart from the many things to do in Kusadasi Turkey, the city is located a short drive south of Izmir Turkey things to do.

Kusadasi Turkey is also a popular holiday base for those wanting to explore mainland Greece and the Greek Islands such as Crete, Paros and things to do Mykonos Greece.

Things to do in Kusadasi Turkey: Beaches

Ladies Beach

Ladies Beach (Kadinlar Beach), located a mile away from the city center, is a beautiful sandy beach that can be quickly reached by car ( taking just seven minutes).

Ladies Beach is one of the closest beaches to the city and therefore, one of the busiest during high season. The beach also features amenities such as bars and restaurants and water sport rentals.

Kustur Beach

Kustur Beach, located 3 miles north of Kusadasi Turkey, is in the other hand a rocky beach and also features amenities such as bars, toilets and beach rentals.

It can be quickly reached within ten minutes along the D515/Turgut Ozal Blv, and if you are looking to avoid the big crowds, Kustur is one of the quieter beaches near Kusadasi's city center.

Pamucak Beach

Pamucak Beach, located 6 miles away north of the city center, is a beautiful sandy beach and one of the biggest beaches near Kusadasi.

The beach can be reached within thirty minutes along the D5-15 route. However, this beach does not have beach rentals

Things to do in Kusadasi Turkey: Places of Interest

Ancient City of Ephesus

The Ancient city of Ephesus, located a short drive north of Kusadasi city center, is home to some of oldest and most magnificent Greek and Roman ruins such as the well-preserved Odeon amphitheater.

If you are visiting this region for the first time, a visit to the ruins of Ephesus is one of the most popular things to do in Kusadasi Turkey.

Temple of Apollo Ruins

Visiting the ruins of the temple of Apollo at Didyma is another popular must-add attraction to your Kusadasi Turkey Itinerary.

The Temple of Apollo, located south of Kusadasi Turkey, can be easily reached by road (taking just fifty minutes from Kusadasi’s city center).

Kusadasi Setur Marina

If you love yachts, Kusadasi Setur Marina is a great place to stroll along the waterfront and marvel at the yachts afloat.

The marina also offers boat facilities that include a workshop for any kind of boat maintenance or repairs needed.

Fortress Mosque

Visiting a Turkish mosque is another must-add to your itinerary. For instance, the 17th century Fortress Mosque is one of the most famed mosques in Kusadasi Turkey.

Inside the mosque, you can appreciate beautiful Ottoman ornamented designs and stained glass windows.

The Caravanserail

If you are interested in architecture, the Caravanserail is another magnificent example of 17th century Ottoman architecture.

Today, the Caravanserail is a historic hotel that features a lovely courtyard where you can enjoy a peaceful drink.

Things to do in Kusadasi Turkey: Outdoor Activities


If you are traveling in a group, one of the most popular things to do in Kusadasi Turkey is to rent out a Turkish gulet.

A gulet is a traditional Turkish vessel that can be rented as charters which includes an experienced crew and a captain.

Gulets Tours take you out on the sea, and include fishing and snorkeling activities (fishing and snorkeling gear are usually included)

If you are couple looking for romantic things to do in Kusadasi Turkey , most charter companies also offer gulet rentals for couples at affordable prices.


If you are an outdoor enthusiast or simply want to explore Turkey’s natural beauty, the Dilek Peninsula National Park is one of the best places you can enjoy fun outdoor activities.

Dilek Park, located on the sea-side town of Guzelcamli, can be easily reached along the 09-58 route (30 minutes drive from Kusadasi’s city center).

The park features breathtaking mountain views ideal for long treks, and apart from hiking, you can enjoy a relaxing time at the beach, as well as picnicking on the park’s designated areas.


If you love water slides or you are traveling with the family, visiting a water park is something else you can add to the itinerary.

One of the closest waterparks is Adaland AquaPark which is one of the largest in Europe. Adaland is just a short drive (15 minutes) from Kusadasi’s City Center. At the park, you can enjoy fun water slides, rafting and more.

Things to do in Kusadasi Turkey: Shopping

Turkey is known for its colorful markets (bazaars) which are reminiscent of the markets (souks) in Morocco in North Africa and Cairo Egypt.

Exploring the city’s shopping scene is, undoubtedly, one of the most popular things to do in Kusadasi Turkey.

Two of the most popular shopping places are the Orient Bazaar and Grand Bazaar (located near the harbor) where you can shop for the popular Turkish carpets as well as leather goods, gold and jewelry.

Another popular place for souvenir-shopping and shopping for local produce is at the Kusadasi Market, which is held on Fridays.

Things to do in Kusadasi Turkey: Nightlife & Entertainment

Just like the city of Izmir, Kusadasi Turkey has a buzzing, friendly and lively night scene.

The Old part of Kusadasi is the one of the hot-spots for nightlife and you can find many Irish and Turkish bars, as well belly dancing venues such as the Caravanserail.

Most of the popular Kusadasi nightclubs are beach clubs. For instance, Jade beach club, located in the Snake region, is a massive complex that features bars, restaurants, tennis courts and a nightclub.

Another trendy place is Miracle beach club, located near Green Beach, which a popular venue with an excellent location overlooking the sea.

Things to do in Kusadasi Turkey: Events & Festivals

Gold Pigeon Music Festival

The Gold Pigeon Music Festival, held in June, is a popular fun event where you can enjoy comedy show and performances, as well as live music concerts.

Camel Wrestling Festival

The Camel Wrestling Festival, held in January in Pamucak Beach, is a popular event that it is held during the camels breeding season so male camels would wrestle-up each other for females.

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