Things to do in Chiclayo Peru

The city of Chiclayo, located north of Trujillo Peru, is one of the largest cities in Peru and one of the most hospitable and friendly cities in the country.

Things to do in Chiclayo Peru

If you are traveling to Chiclayo Peru for the first time, the main draw of the city is the Tucume pyramids and the Historic Pomac Forest where you can find the pyramid where Lord Sipan remains were discovered.

Things to do in Chiclayo Peru: Outdoor Activities

Pyramids of Tucume Tour

Exploring the pyramids of Tucume is one of the most popular things to do in Chiclayo Peru.

The Tucume pyramids (and all the pyramids found in Peru) differ from those found in Cairo Egypt in that the Tucume pyramids are made of adobe and resemble more like mountains.

The area around Tucume is actually home to over twenty pyramids and a museum where you can see pottery objects and mosaics recovered from the pyramids.

Four of the most popular pyramids (Huacas) include:

* Long Pyramid (Huaca Larga)
* Pyramid One (Huaca 1)
* Pyramid Balsas (Huaca Balsas)

If you are planning to check out this area or explore the outskirts of Chiclayo, it’s a good idea to book a tour guide from one of the agencies in the city, just for the local knowledge and expertise.

Hiking & Bird watching

If you bird enthusiast or simply want to explore Peru’s natural scenery, the Historic Pomac Forest (Bosque Historico del Pomac) is home to a bird sanctuary where you can spot many different types of species.

The Historic Pomac Forest is also home to a few important pyramids such as the Parrot Pyramid (Huaca del Loro) which is the pyramid where Lord Sipan was discovered.

The Historic Pomac Forest is located near the Tucume Pyramids. To reach the Forest, you need to take the route towards Ferreñafe on the way to Pitipo.

The Tucume pyramids are located 16 miles north of Chiclayo's city center (around 60 minutes by car).


If you are looking to spend time at the beach and enjoy a bit of surfing, Pimentel Beach Town is one of the best places where you can do this. Here, you can also see and enjoy a ride on the famed ‘Caballitos de Tortora’ (Reed boats) found in Trujillo Peru.

Pimentel Beach Town also features a few sea-side restaurants and a pier where you can walk along and enjoy lovely views of the ocean.

Things to do in Chiclayo Peru: Places of Interest

Lambayeque District

Royal Tombs of Lord Sipan Museum (Museo Tumbas Reales del Señor de Sipán‎)

The Royal Tombs of Sir Sipan Museum, adjacent Bruning Arqueological Museum, is one of the top museums in the country where you can see relics and precious objects of Lord Sipan as well as ancient Peru. Items include gold collars, earrings, and statues of Lord Sipan.

Bruning Archeological Museum (Museo Archeologico Nacional Bruning)

The Bruning Museum is located near the Royal Tombs of Lord Sipan Museum and offers a beautiful inside into ancient Peru’s craftsmanship. The museum features pottery objects and ceramic items.

University of Lambayeque

The University of Lambayeque is located near the Bruning and Sipan Museums and it is worth checking out. You can take a lovely stroll around the University grounds and check out some of the buildings there.

Modelo Market: Witch Market

If you are interested in alternative medicines, a visit to the city’s very own witch market is one of the most popular things to do in Chiclayo Peru.

The Witch market, which is part of Modelo market (Mercado Modelo), sells all kinds of medicinal herbs said to have healing powers.

Main Park (Parque Principal)

The Main Park, located on Elias Aguirre Street, is the focal point in the city center and it is an ideal stop from a long day touring the city center.

You can seat at the park benches and do some people watching while recharging you batteries.

St. Mary Cathedral (Santa Maria Cathedral)

St. Mary Cathedral, located adjacent the Main Park, is architecturally one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Peru featuring a lovely creme exterior. Once inside, you can appreciate the high ceilings and Doric columns.

Things to do in Chiclayo Peru: Shopping

The Modelo market is one of the best places in Chiclayo where you can start souvenir hunting.

Apart from medicinal herbs at the Witch market, the Modelo market sells many wooden figurines, fancy stones and shells, bags and pottery items which can make an ideal souvenir present.

For a retail experience, the Real Plaza complex (Royal Square) is home to hundreds of small stores, a food court and a cinema (cine planet) where you can watch the latest movie releases.

Things to do in Chiclayo Peru: Sports

If you are a football enthusiast, you can see a game of football on Saturdays at one of the stadiums located in the area.

In Chiclayo center, you can find the Carlos Castaneda Stadium on Bolivar Street; and the Elias Aguirre Stadium on Paseo del Deporte Avenue.

In the Lambayeque district, you can find the Estadio Municipal (Municipal Stadium).

Apart from the entertainment factor, experiencing a game of football is also a great way to soak in a bit of Peruvian culture and learn how the locals interact with each other.

Things to do in Chiclayo Peru: Nightlife & Entertainment

The night scene in Chiclayo consists of small bars, clubs and outdoor terraces where you can enjoy a pleasant drink. For instance, the area around Parque Principal (Main Park) is home to many bars with outdoor terraces overlooking the park.

The Real Plaza Shopping complex is also another popular hang-out place home many restaurants, bars and a cinema.

The Pimentel Beach Town area is also a nice place where you can enjoy a nice drink or meal on one of the terraces overlooking the ocean.

Things to do in Chiclayo Peru: Events & Festivals

Easter Week

If you planning when to visit the city, Easter time (April) is one of the best times to experience Chiclayo and Peru overall.

Peruvians are very religious people and devoted. During Easter time, you can see street processions where pilgrims carry the statue of Christ.

If traveling to Chiclayo or Peru during Easter time, make sure to book hotel accommodation well in advance.

Monsefu Handcrafts Fair

The handcrafts Fair held in Monsefu in late summer is one of the highlights of Peru and one of the most popular things to do in Chiclayo Peru.

The fair is not far at all from Chiclayo’s city center, six miles south of Chiclayo (around 15 minutes drive).

At the event you can enjoy all kinds of live entertainment such as Marinera dances, and you’ll be able to purchase local handmade craft and art goods.

Stepping Horse Parade

The Stepping Horse parade, held along Parque Principal, is another fun event that you can enjoy in August. At the stepping horse parade you’ll be able to see the famous Peruvian Paso horse and its elegant and synchronized gait.

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